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Calling All Veterinary Nurses - A letter from the VNCA President

Vnca Letter From The President
Posted in Our Community at 09 July, 2014

Calling All Veterinary Nurses! You may or may not be aware but the VNCA is comprised of volunteers, either current or former veterinary nurses who are passionate about their profession and want to make a difference to those nurses around them and the indu...

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Posted by Jacque Pollitt, President VNCA

Words from a Winner - VNCA Veterinary Nurse of the Year

Laura Hayden Crop2
Posted in Our Community at 22 October, 2013

So what does the winner of the 2013 VNCA Vet Nurse of the Year Award think of her job, the industry and what it's like to be recognised by her peers in the veterinary industry?.... I've always loved animals from a young age, and after dipping my toes in...

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2 Comments   Posted by Laura Hayden, Senior Vet Nurse, Belmont Vet Centre

I'm a money hungry business person and proud of it!

I Am A Money Hungry Business Person
Posted in Client Service at 22 March, 2013

Does being a vet or a veterinary nurse really have to mean you can't be a business person? I recently wrote a blog post 'What does you perfect veterinary client look like?' that I suspected might fire up a few people as it's a bit of an uncomfortable top...

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4 Comments   Posted by Judy Gillespie
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