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Veterinary Medicine is an art - its' time to re-frame your perceptions

Veterinary Medicine Is An Art
Posted in Guest Blogger at 27 June, 2019

How often do you feel guilty for charging for a service? Have you done things and not charged for them, because they were 'easy' jobs, or 'only took a minute'? I have to confess that during my working life I would have done hundreds of procedures for free...

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Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

When talking price with your veterinary clients makes you feel uncomfortable

When Talking Price With Your Veterinary Clients Makes You Feel Uncomfortable
Posted in Client Service at 09 June, 2016

Money can be a taboo subject for some of us. We don't like it, haven't had a positive upbringing with it and certainly don't feel comfortable discussing it with customers. Trouble is it is part of the matrix that makes up the businesses which employ us.....

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Posted by Roxy Krueger, Sales Manager, VetShare Podcast #6: Pricing veterinary drugs - a strategy

Business Channel 640x640 V2
Posted in Guest Blogger at 31 March, 2016

VETtalk Business Podcast #6 featuring Dr David Blutchart - discusses Pricing veterinary drugs: what's your strategy? Most drugs have a copy or generic version which you may decide to use - in which case you need to consider how you will...

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Posted by Featuring Dr David Butchart, Platinum Vet Alliance

Veterinary Dentistry and your Practice - Is Dentistry really worth it?

Veterinary Dental Is It Worth It
Posted in Guest Blogger at 16 May, 2013

A recent Survey of 200 vets showed the following: 98% offered dental services 80% of vets: 1-10% of gross from dentistry 15% of vets: 11-15% of gross 5% of vets: 15-20% of gross Today, most practices should aim >10% of practice gross from dentistry (dire...

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2 Comments   Posted by Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

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