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3 Things I bet you didn't know about....Astute Veterinary Solutions

3 Things I bet you didn't know about ...Astute Veterinary Solutions
Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 17 December, 2020

Master your software. Harness your team. Unleash your profits. Astute Veterinary Solutions can help you to discover how to get the most out of your existing systems, including your Practice Management Software, & boost your clinic's effectiveness....

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Posted by Janelle Beaven, Director, Astute Veterinary Solutions

Can you handle the truth about your veterinary practice? Benefits of mystery shopping.

Can You Handle The Truth About Your Veterinary Practice Benefits Of Mystery Shopping
Posted in Client Service at 10 August, 2016

Most business owners and managers are well aware that the telephone is an essential tool in the quest to gain and retain clients. New clients will assess your website first, and then call you to make an enquiry. What message are you sending on the phone...

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2 Comments   Posted by Sue Crampton, CCG

Phone calls are the lifeblood of your veterinary practice - did you miss the free webinar?

Phone Calls Are The Lifeblood Of Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 10 November, 2015

How well does your veterinary team members handle phone calls from potential clients? I just watched the recording of Dr Diederik Gelderman's recent webinar: Mystery Phone Shopping Calls to Consults and I found the information quite fascinating........

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Posted by Judy Gillespie

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