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The costliest mistakes you can make in your veterinary practice

The Costliest Mistakes You Can Make In Your Veterinary Practice 1 And 2
Posted in Operations at 02 August, 2016

What are the two costliest mistakes you can make in your veterinary practice? Today I just want to quickly explore the two biggest and costliest mistakes that you can make in your Vet practice. And these are mistakes that are easy to make and hard to avoi...

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Posted by Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Veterinary Practice

From forming to performing - where is your veterinary team at?

From Forming To Performing Where Is Your Veterinary Team At
Posted in Management at 19 May, 2016

Determining what stage your veterinary team is at can help to explain why it is or isn't performing. Tuckerman's 4 stage of team development describes the process most teams follow on their way to achieving high performance...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Short staffed & grumpy..a question from a veterinary practice manager

Short Staffed And Grumpy A Question From A Veterinary Practice Manager
Posted in Management at 02 March, 2016

A Veterinary Practice Manager writes: We have been really short staffed at the clinic over the past few weeks. We had some staff turnover, sickness, going back to school etc. We just haven't been able to fill all the shifts for the past 5 weeks or so........

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Posted by Tanja Mimica, ConsultlMates

Understanding patient behaviour to enhance safety in your veterinary practice

Understanding Patient Behaviour To Enhance Safety In Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 19 November, 2015

Safety in veterinary practice is our number one priority, for both ourselves, and our patients. There are many things we do every day to ensure everyone is safe. We put sharps in a sharps container, we dry wet floors immediately and we wear appropriate pr...

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Posted by Jodi McDonald, CCG

Phone calls are the lifeblood of your veterinary practice - did you miss the free webinar?

Phone Calls Are The Lifeblood Of Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Operations at 10 November, 2015

How well does your veterinary team members handle phone calls from potential clients? I just watched the recording of Dr Diederik Gelderman's recent webinar: Mystery Phone Shopping Calls to Consults and I found the information quite fascinating........

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Posted by Judy Gillespie
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