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Old Cat, New Kitten – who is the aggressor?

Old Cat New Kitten Who Is The Aggressor
Posted in Guest Blogger at 04 March, 2021

Hands up all who have had clients complain their old cat has become aggressive towards their sweet innocent kitten that is only trying to play? When I was veterinary nursing, I found it highly frustrating that clients were not viewing the situation from t...

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Posted by Gillian Shippen, Director Pets Need A Life Too & HandicappedPets Australia

Owning is always better than renting when it comes to your veterinary content

Owning Is Always Better Than Renting When It Comes To Your Veterinary Content V2
Posted in Social Media at 04 March, 2021

Social media can be an awesome way to connect with and attract new veterinary clients to your business - as long as it's not the only way. I always think of a Facebook Business Page (and all social media!) as being like a rental property - you can add you...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

All you vets care about is the money

All You Vets Care About Is The Money
Posted in Our Community at 24 February, 2021

Ouch! Just reading that line makes your blood boil, doesn't it? If you've been in clinical practice for any length of time it's likely that you would have heard this accusation, or some version of it, before. These kinds of comments tend to hit .........

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1 Comments   Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

Did I just write about writing? Or.. Why writing is better than screaming...

Did I Just Write About Writing Or
Posted in Veterinary Nurse/Tech Blog at 24 February, 2021

Writing allows me to let out the thoughts that crowd my cluttered mind. Sometimes I write only for myself, honestly I mostly only write for me. Then sometimes I let others see what I write too. When I write it can be both an escape from reality and a way...

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Posted by Courtney Deamer, Veterinary Nurse & Blogger

Top 3 things I bet you didn’t know about..... Wildlife Outreach Vet

3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About
Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 18 February, 2021

Wildlife Outreach Vet will help you to share your story: veterinary communications, management & marketing. Writing, content development, social media & website content, media relations, publication design, & communications management for veterinary bus...

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Posted by Dr Phil Tucak, Wildlife Outreach Vet
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