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Fear Free: When veterinary clients are talking about it, it's time to get on board

Fear Free When Your Clients Are Talking About It Its Time To Get On Board
Posted in Client Service at 13 March, 2019

It all started when.... As a child, I was a little different. I didn't play with dolls and I preferred to read, my favourites, of course, being James Herriot and similarly themed books. Or go outside and watch ants, butterflies, ladybugs, stink bugs, cat...

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2 Comments   Posted by Gillian Shippen, Nurse Manager & Director Pets Need A Life Too

I'm struggling to keep up with social media, now we need a veterinary blog??!! :(

Im Struggling To Keep Up With Social Media Now We Need A Veterinary Blog V3 Red
Posted in Client Service at 07 March, 2019

I'm struggling to keep up with all the social media forums Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc, now you are suggesting we blog!!!?? :( This was a question I recently received from a member of our Community and I thought it would make a great blog post.....

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2 Comments   Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Don't love veterinary science, it won't love you back! But is this fair or even true?

Dont Love Veterinary Science It Wont Love You Back V2 Red
Posted in Our Community at 07 March, 2019

This bit of street art has always stayed with me. It's front and centre in my mind when I'm faced with any decision that involves both money and ethics, and I'm pretty sure I've made some major life decisions influenced in no small measure by this snippe...

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Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra

So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice Part 5- By the people, for the people

So Many Other Things The Reality Of Working In Veterinary Practice Part 5
Posted in So Many Other Things... at 28 February, 2019

There are many important truths to working in veterinary practice. Dealing with people is first among equals. "You can't not be about people," says Brudine Practice Manager Bri Smith. "They are the entire basis of your business in the veterinary industry....

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Posted by Michael Weinhardt, Michael Weinhardt Photography

3 Things I bet you didn't know about...Equine Veterinary Dental Services (EVDS)

Evds 3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About
Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 28 February, 2019

EVDS is an equine only veterinary practice & leading Australian training centre for equine vets catering for preventative & elective procedures such as dentistry, stud work, lameness & skin disease. 1. They are absolute experts at.......

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Posted by Dr Oliver Liyou, Director and Veterinarian, EVDS
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