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Top Tips for getting through communication barriers with your veterinary clients

Top Tips For Getting Through Communication Barriers With Your Veterinary Clients Red
Posted in Client Service at 18 July, 2019

We're all acutely aware of hot topics in our industry at the moment: Communication, Mindfulness, and Wellbeing. How many of us have engaged in practical training in these areas beyond reading magazine articles and hearing reference to them at conferences?...

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Posted by Dr Ilana Mendels, VetPrac

3 Things I bet you didn't know about... Mars Petcare College

3 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About
Posted in 3 Things I bet you didn't know at 18 July, 2019

MARS Petcare College is a training program for people who work in the pet industry - earn 10 CPD Points! They are absolute experts at..... always putting the needs of pets first. Every day at MARS Petcare, they strive to create a better world for pets, b...

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Posted by Dr Fiona Patterson, Recommendations Manager, MARS Petcare

Acupuncture as adjunctive modality to treat symptoms of canine cognitive dysfunction & neck pain

Dudley's Case Study - Acupuncture Case Study
Posted in Guest Blogger at 17 July, 2019

Canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD) is neurobehavioral syndrome similar to Alzheimer's in humans, leading to a decline in cognitive function as part of an age-related degenerative process in the central nervous system. Common symptoms described by pet own...

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Posted by Dr Jennifer Robinson, Veterinarian (DE), CVE (IVAS) Melbourne Veterinary Acupuncture

So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice Part 14 - Ouroboros

7.1. So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice Part 14: Ouroboros
Posted in So Many Other Things... at 17 July, 2019

Over time, people working in veterinary services seem to, if not must, develop various mechanisms for dealing with the complex demands of their work. Time is, of course, one way to find that perspective.
Philosophy is another. Thinking about the "why" o...

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Posted by Michael Weinhardt, Michael Weinhardt Photography

What to do when a veterinary colleague or client self-discloses or talks about suicide

What to do when a veterinary colleague self discloses or talks about suicide
Posted in 1. Mental health resources at 11 July, 2019

What do you say if someone tells you they want to end it all? Important advice from psychologist Dr Nadine Hamilton... "Don't tell anyone, but I want to end it all". These are words none of us want to hear. Why? Because often we feel incredibly uncomfort...

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Posted by Dr Nadine Hamilton, Love Your Pet Love Your Vet
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