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Tips for veterinary clients on how to successfully & happily live with an incontinent pet

Tips For Veterinary Clients To Successfully Happily Live With An Incontinent Pet 1
Posted in Client Service at 07 May, 2020

Over my years as a veterinary nurse, a very common issue for our clients with their pets (usually but not always, dogs) was incontinence, and not automatically related to age. It is a known, albeit not necessarily common, side effect of desexing in female...

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Posted by Gillian Shippen, Director Pets Need A Life Too

Mother's Day 2020 - Celebrate with your veterinary clients

2020 Mothers Day Vetanswers 1
Posted in Social Media at 07 May, 2020

Mother's Day is coming - celebrate with your veterinary clients. It may be under slightly unusual circumstances this year but Mother's Day still offers a great opportunity to connect with your clients and wish them a Happy Mother's Day - whether their chi...

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Posted by Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers

Want more fun & satisfaction and less stress & frustration in your veterinary job?

Want More More Fun Satisfaction And Less Stress Frustration In Your Veterinary Job 4
Posted in Management at 07 May, 2020

Would you like more of the fun & satisfaction and less of the frustration & stress of working in the veterinary industry? Picture this scenario. Josie brings in "Bingo", a young, healthy cat with a large facial abscess. The decision is made to admit......

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Posted by Dr Cathy Warburton, Make Headway

Building a Culture of Leadership: Creating everyday leaders in your veterinary practice

Building A Culture Of Leadership Creating Everyday Leaders In Your Veterinary Practice
Posted in Management at 23 April, 2020

Why we need to stop asking people if they&re a manager or a leader... There is an endless number of articles around how leadership concepts have changed over the years - and now "transformational" and "servant" leadership are all the rage. But these...

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Posted by Tracy Kamen, Director OnPoint Veterinary Coaching

5 Proven steps to deal with the dreaded veterinary client complaint.

5 Proven Steps To Deal With The Dreaded Veterinary Client Complaint Red
Posted in Client Service at 16 April, 2020

Regardless of how well you conduct yourself and how thorough you are in your work, it's inevitable that you'll occasionally be on the receiving end of a client complaint. This will always suck. When someone criticises you it is very natural to feel a str...

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Posted by Dr Hubert Hiemstra, The Art of Veterinary Science Blog
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