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Comet Bay Vet Hospital

Tel. +61 8 9537 3881
Compassionate Care. Comet Bay Vet is your preferred one-stop, local vet. We are here to provide you with a truly personal and excellent care for your fur babies; making sure that you enjoy your happy and healthy fur babies for many years to come.
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Scv Logo

Southern Cross Vet

Tel. 0416000586
Southern Cross was born out of a belief that things could be done differently in veterinary medicine. Pet owners should be given all the options – not simply given two: 1) the ‘right’ and 2) the ‘wrong’ and pressured into one.
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Kick Ass Vets Green


Tel. 0424018518
KICK ASS VETS provides practical, tangible and immediately implementable tools to help EMPOWER veterinarians to fall back in love with their career!
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Logo Grey

Improve Digital Marketing

Tel. 0412924196
We are Improve. A full-service online marketing agency specialised in digital growth for veterinary practises. We help veterinarians get new patients and grow their practice. Call us or book a free first consult to find out more.
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Social Dominator 300dpi

Social Domination

Tel. +61437667911
We are a social media agency that supports small businesses Australia wide to build their brand online using Facebook and Instagram advertising and free social media strategies. Contact us to discuss your veterinary business social media requirements
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Delta Institute Logo Paths Colour

Delta Institute

Tel. 0295754194
The Delta Institute is the accrediting body for positive reward based trainers who have undertaken the national accredited training course conducted by Delta.
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Chow Slow Logo 250p

Chow Slow

Tel. 0892424032
Many pet dogs and cats eat their food too quickly; they gulp it down fast, which can result in indigestion, bloating and regurgitation. Our products are custom slow feeder bowls which make it impossible for your pet to eat their food too quickly.
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16831 Mars Petcare College Logo Large

Mars Petcare

Tel. 0419632969
MARS Petcare College is a training program for people who work in the pet industry. Veterinarians can earn 10 VetEd Points; Veterinary Nurses can also earn 10 CPD Points & Members of PIAA can earn 10 PIAA Ed Points – Happy Learning!
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Logo Medical Plus Lowres

Medical Plus

Tel. 03-93994987
Medical Plus are Veterinary Imaging Specialists. Established in 1993, Medical Plus Australia is a world leader and major supplier of high quality veterinary specific imaging equipment with a presence in the Middle East, South East Asia and Asia Pacific.
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