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B. Braun Australia


B. Braun Australia

Peter Darge, Business Unit Manager

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Level 5 7-9 Irvine Place, Bella Vista 2154 NSW, Australia

As an original manufacturer with production facilities spanning Europe, Asia, Africa, UK, North and South America, we’re proud of our comprehensive portfolio of products 

Hygiene protects and saves lives

To ensure animal safety and safety for veterinary health care practitioners, B. Braun Vet Care provides customized safety concepts, training and a wide product range of personal protective equipment and disinfectants.

Efficient processes in emergencies and in oncology

Our systems combine high quality products with individual components that are customized to your needs in everyday and specialised clinical work. 

Infusion Therapy

From venipuncture to the irrigation solutions, all components are integral elements of an infusion system. Their interaction creates a system that promotes safe infusion therapy and B. Braun can partner with you in the fluid pathway.

Intraoperative and post-operative analgesia

Adequate pain therapy plays a central role in your patient’s clinical treatment path. Our concept for anaesthesia and analgesia focuses on increased safety for you and your patients, the desire for less pain in the animal, and the associated satisfaction of your clients.

Your reliable partner for all surgical procedures from cut to close

B. Braun manufactures over 70,000 surgical instruments & components.

B. Braun Vet Care supports you through the entire process, with quality, expertise and product selection. From high quality surgical instruments and implants and a deep understanding of repairs, care and maintenance, we are a system partner in surgery.

High quality systems with a focus on process and support

Cruciate ligament ruptures, fractures or various joint diseases are only some of the challenges in orthopedics and traumatology. We manufacture high quality implants and systems such as TTA, TPLO, interlocking nails, Polyaxial Locking Plates, DCP Plates and of course the Power systems required to support such surgeries.

Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy – small surgical access, gentle intervention.

We aim to shape and participate in the progress of minimally invasive surgery. We see new approaches particularly in visualization, seal & cut solutions and high-precision instruments. That’s why we are focusing on consistent advancement of camera systems, including 3D technology, and on products for vessel closure such as Caiman® and DS-Clips and handheld instruments.

Side by side with neurosurgeons

We understand the challenges in neurosurgery and support you with instruments and devices that are precise, reliable and provide reproducible results. Our goal is that your surgery is trouble-free and the animal’s convalescence is brief and as unproblematic as possible. 

Wound management technology to support the natural wound healing process

We support the wound management pathway with an extensive range of innovative, complimentary and user friendly products. Whether you need to close a surgical wound, ligate a blood vessel, correct an entropion or decontaminate an infected wound, B. Braun is your partner of choice for wound management.

Exemplary Commitment

As a family-owned business, B. Braun acts around the world as a 'citizen of society' and every year we sponsor over 200 social projects in over 30 countries.

B. Braun supports its customers by partnering with industry experts who deliver peak educational services to the Australian and New Zealand Veterinary industry. We offer individualized training topics as in-house seminars, with or without hands-on-sessions and can also analyse your individual educational and consultancy needs to develop customised solutions for the education of your employees.

Ensure quality and usability

So that your products maintain their value, we offer you our professional value preservation service. Our quality repair is based on the strict quality standards of instrument manufacture and guarantee the long life and proper functioning of your instrumentation.




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