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Equine Veterinary & Dental Services

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Equine Veterinary & Dental Services

Dr Oliver Liyou, Principle Veterinarian and Business Owner

02 66 424 700



160 Old Lilypool Rd, South Grafton 2460 NSW, Australia

Equine Veterinary & Dental Services is an equine only veterinary practice & leading Australian training centre for equine vets.

The objectives of EVDS are to:

  • Maintain the highest possible standards by focusing on only one species — the horse.
  • Provide first class comprehensive equine veterinary services in the Clarence Valley and surrounding areas.
  • Continue our passion to help to promote and teach equine dentistry to other professionals around Australia and the world - in order to aim for greater welfare in the horse.

"100% dedication to your horse's health!"

Leading Australian training centre for equine vets

The EVDS team of staff and tutors know the art, science and marketing of equine dentistry intimately!

Having hosted over 584 equine vets over the past 16 years the EVDS teaching team (8 tutors for 26 registrants ) are absolutely dedicated to ensuring that every vet who attends each 5-day workshop returns to their practice confident and competent to go out and perform quality routine dentistry.

They offer a great mix of educational methods, including lectures, dry labs, cadaver pracs and live horse pracs. This proven combination and sequence of lectures and pracs allows your knowledge and confidence to grow over the 5 days, and this reinforced knowledge and new skills WILL stay with you.

EVDS Training Courses for 2019:

"Horse owners want high quality dentistry at affordable prices for their horses and we can teach you how to deliver it!"

Equine Veterinary and Equine Dental Equipment

EVDS has a range of equine veterinary and equine dental equipment that is second to none.

They have been at the forefront of developing new technologies for the care and treatment of horses.

EVDS:  the leading training centre in Australia for equine vets wanting to learn and master equine dentistry

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