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iM3 - The Global Name in Veterinary Dentistry

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iM3 - The Global Name in Veterinary Dentistry

Lehman Bloom, Managing Director

02 9420 5766



21 Chaplin Drive, Lane Cove 2066 NSW, Australia

iM3 is a family owned veterinary dental company established in Sydney Australia over 28 years ago.

In that time, iM3 has grown to become a leading veterinary dental company setting the standard in product innovation, industry firsts and continuing education.

From its three locations in Sydney Australia, Vancouver WA, USA and Co Meath, Ireland (Europe), iM3 supplies veterinarians throughout the world with high quality yet affordable veterinary dental products.

iM3 prides itself on providing the best possible after sales and customer technical support in the industry. Our dental only focus and the fact that iM3 manufacturers its own dental machines at our three locations means you are dealing with knowledgeable & experienced people who can offer you sound advice.

iM3's Superior Technical Support Team (TST)

The relationship with our customers is of the utmost importance to us, to ensure that our products are performing to a standard we're proud to offer. The iM3 Superior Technical Support Team comes FREE with every iM3 dental workstation or iM3 product.

iM3 continues to design, develop and manufacture the latest veterinary dental machines, instruments, X-rays and dental consumables.

Veterinary Dental Units: The iM3 features make the difference with our quality European made high and low speed handpieces coupled with an industry leading 5 year machine warranty provides that provides peace of mind.

iM3 Vet-Tome is an atraumatic extraction system that greatly reduces extraction time & saves bones!

Veterinary Dental X-Ray: Digital dental X-Ray is critical for diagnosing underlying pathology hidden below the gum line and iM3 offers a range of superior high-resolution digital scanners and dental radiology systems designed for veterinarians.

Ultrasonic Scaler: We offers a complete range of Ultrasonic scalers designed for veterinary use that will not only rapidly remove plaque and calculus but are also faster, quieter, easier to use, and cause less tooth damage.

Dental Tables: We offers a range of high end dental tables that are stable, durable and provide a range of innovative solutions. 

Hand Instruments: Our hand instruments are developed with the guidance of veterinary dental specialist and backed by warranties. Our complete range of hand instruments are suitable for canines, felines, rabbits and rodents.

iM3 offers a complete range of veterinary specific dental accessories and consumables from high speed handpieces with LED light to long diamond burs for rabbit and rodent dentistry.

Dental Charting: e-VDS New Dental Scoring System, is an advanced electronic dental scoring system that is a great leap forward in the animal dental care industry 

Home Care: iM3 is excited to present Oxyfresh, a non-toxic water additive and dental gel solution that is is a must-have when it comes to fresh breath and the overall dental health of dogs and cats.

Online CPD

Visit our website to access a range of educational videos that will help to expand your team's knowledge of dentistry. You’ll find a collection of webinars by some of the top veterinary dentists in the industry along with 'how to' tutorials for both veterinarians and veterinary nurses, and webinars on how to best market dentistry in your veterinary practice. 

iM3 ACE (Advanced Centre for Education)

The home of iM3 ACE is a state-of-the-art, purpose-built, clinical training facility with a large flexible wet lab, technology-enhanced lecture room, and multi-functional space.

iM3 ACE aims to develop highly skilled veterinarians and nurses in the practice of veterinary dentistry by providing facilities to simulate dental procedures, promote familiarisation with equipment and instruments, and support learning to enhance dentistry skill sets within the industry. 



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