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Pets Need A Life Too!

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Pets Need A Life Too!

Gillian Shippen, Proprietor

0419 824 937



43 First Avenue, Kilkenny (by appointment only) 5009 SA, Australia

Pets Need A Life Too is unique!

A one-stop-online-shop dedicated to the enriching the lives of your pets, Pets Need A Life Too is owned and run by Gillian Shippen, a qualified Veterinary Nurse with a passion for animal behaviour.

Gillian became interested in environmental enrichment when she invited a Rottweiler called Cole into her life and began to develop ways to keep him entertained.

Gillian is the author of 'Pets Need A Life Too... A guide to enriching the life of your pet - Series one: Dogs'  an introductory guide to environmental enrichment written for the new dog owner as well as the experienced dog owner looking to understand their pet's behaviour.

"This book is excellent and very much needed for the everyday pet owner.  I am really pleased that someone within the veterianry industry has taken the time to write this sort of book.  I look forward to Gillian's next two titles"  (Dr Robyn Stokes, Rose Park, South Australia)

It was after the success of her book, that the Pets Need A Life Too website came into existence.

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, Rabbits....

Enrichment toys and products to suit nearly every pet.

Take advantage of the free counselling service to ensure you purchase the right item for you AND your pet.  Gillian welcomes your contact via email or telephone to discuss the specific needs of your pets.

No more wasted time and money on toys that are either poor quality or totally unsuitable.

But it's not just about toys.... 

Pets Need A Life Too also offers a range of other items that enrich the every day life of your pet, for example:

  • Thundershirts - a specially designed garments that help with anxiety in dogs
  • A range of water fountains to encourage drinking water
  • Raised feeding bowls for the older, large breed of dog struggling to reach their food bowl
  • Doggie carts for the partially paralysed pooch
  • Special booties to protect paws and other protective products and surgical body stockings

And much, much more... 

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