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Tracy Kamens, Director




Melbourne, Melbourne 3000 VIC, Australia

Welcome to OnPoint Practice Coaching

OnPoint Practice Coaching can help you to develop and reach your goals, empower your team, create structure, enhance mental wellness & maximise practice profitability. They create custom programs to suit your needs.

Director of Onpoint Practice Coaching, Tracy Kamens, has been working in the veterinary industry for over 35 years in a range of positions including veterinary technician, practice manager/owner, industry rep and business coach. 

She has most recently been extensively involved with coaching veterinary practices in the areas of staff engagement, team dynamics, culture and business growth opportunities.

With a BSc from Cornell, a diploma of practice management and most recently a diploma in leadership, Tracy as spent her career pursuing new skills so that she can share her passion and learnings with others.

OnPoint Practice Coaching Offers..

  • Monthly Coaching
  • Staff Engagement Surveys
  • Fees Analysis
  • HR Document Reviews
  • Client Experience Reviews
  • Quarterly PM Workshops
  • Video Group Training
  • Mystery Shop Coaching
  • Modular Business Topics
  • Business Strategy Days

Managing With Leadership Workshop Series 

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The Managing With Leadership Workshop Series provides a safe and collaborative space for anyone looking to learn more and to practice the skills needed to excel in their role within the practice - no matter what their position is.

We often think of a manager or managing as an act of someone in a senior position or authority role. However, when taken by its pure definition – all of us, regardless of our role, “manage” things every day.

Similarly, when we think of the word leadership - society has told us this is a position reserved for those “higher up”, people with power, the owners, the “big boss”.

Tracy wants to challenge both definitions along with the assumptions and biases we have towards them. It is her firm belief that in a Veterinary Practice there are many people who are and can manage with leadership.

So why don’t we invest time and resources into training all of our staff on how to manage with leadership?

The 1-day Managing With Leadership Workshop Series is being held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


Syd 27/2  |  Melb 5/3  | Bris 26/3



Melb 7/5  | Bris 28/5  |  Syd 11/6


Workshop 3: HR

Melb 6/8  |  Syd 20/8  | Bris 3/9


Workshop 4: MARKETING

Bris 12/11  |  Syd 19/11  |  Melb 3/12



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