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Veterinary Dental Education Centre

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Veterinary Dental Education Centre

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81 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Hallam 3803 VIC, Australia

Veterinary Dental Training & Resources

VDEC is for veterinarians, technicians, nurses & students who want to enhance their dental skills to grow & maintain a profitable business.

VDEC offers education through online learning, lectures, procedure videos & webinars at a convenient location.

About VDEC

VDEC is the first of its kind in Australasia, offering both computer based learning and practical hands-on teaching.

The practical classes are conducted across all topics in small animal veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Small class sizes, individual access to dental machines, workstations and instruments, interactive lectures, and an open forum approach to learning make classes at the VDEC a truly unique and professionally rewarding experience.

The courses will be run by Board Certified Specialists and Residency trained Veterinarians from both locally and abroad.


VDEC Offers:

Free Content

Technical tips and tricks through case studies.


Learn from veterinary specialist Dr David E Clarke with the VDEC free webinar series.


Buy an annual subscription to VDEC and get exclusive access to deterinary dentistry techniques, notes and teachings.


A range of veterinary dental workshops arte on offer either located at the specialist training centre in Melbourne, or at your clinic.

Advanced Courses

Starting in January 2019, the VDEC will be offering 'Masters Level' courses and 'mini-residency programs' for those with ANZCVS Membership who are seeking training on more advanced topics

Other training on offer:

The veterinary dental programs offered through the VDEC are for all ability levels and include webinars and continuing education courses in:

  • Radiology
  • Oral pathology
  • Oral surgery
  • Restorations
  • Endodontics

VDEC: State of the Art Teaching Facility

The Centre offers a “state of the art” teaching facility including a lecture/wet lab area for tuition and workshops, individual work stations each equipped with high and low speed drills, air-water syringes, and quick disconnects for ultrasonic scalers.

Each dental work station has complete instrumentation for the course taught. In addition, on site there are Acteon XMind DC dental radiographic xray generators, Sopix2 DR sensors, PSPix CR plates and computers, amalgamators and a model cutter. Each attendee has access to their own set of Cislak/USI instruments, loupes, dental models and specimens.

Small groups and longer laboratory time provide the attendees with the chance to fully learn and put into practice the new techniques.

Each course fee also includes a kit of instruments to take home. Couple this with the relaxed informal environment which allows for a better learning and you have all the ingredients for a successful educational and professional experience.

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