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e-Vet Learning

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e-Vet Learning

Dr Cathy Lau, Director




Perth, Perth 6172 WA, Australia

Accessible and affordable continuous education for vets and vets nurses

e-Vet Learning aims to provide affordable and accessible continuous education to veterinarians.

From small to large, exotic to domestic, our qualified guest lecturers are dedicated to helping you develop into leading industry professionals and equip you with the tools to become a more effective member of your team. 

At e-Vet Learning we focus on the affordability of our webinars whilst still providing the highest level of education.

For Vets, by Vets.

Easy Access ‚Äč

Our webinars are powered by Business Hangouts, with time for Q&A at the end of each session. You can conveniently attend the webinars with your Google account on your computer or smart phone.

Recorded Resources

All our webinars are recorded for future revision. You will receive a link following the webinar so you can recap at any time.

Graduate & Student Discount

We aim to provide affordable quality education for all vets. We understand new graduates need more help early in their career therefore we price reasonably to accommodate all budgets.

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