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Client Service Resources

NEW FREE Downloadable poster from Lili Chen: Cats need....

Click HERE to download a high res version

Source: Lili Chen - Doggie Drawings Free Resources. These illustrations are FREE to download, share, print and distribute under the Creative Commons License terms listed on her website HERE

For more awesome FREE posters to share with your clients visit:

Client handouts:

1. Why it might be time to get rid of that food bowl for your dog, cat or bird (pdf)

2. Pet Dental Health AND Behaviour Enrichment Toys...2 benefits for the price of one! (pdf)

NEW First Aid for Pets from Dr Belinda the Vet

Dr Belinda has put together a great blog post with loads of pet first aid tips for clients

You can see the full blog post here: First Aid for Pets

The blog post also includes these excellent images that are perfect to share on social media.  As Dr Belinda has been so generous in sharing her resources it would be great if you could also add in a link to her original blog post: 



The Puppies and Kitten Care Toolkit (dvm360)

Another excellent collection of resources to help discuss and advice on puppy and kitten care with your clients. The puppy & kitten care tools include:

  • Articles and tips
  • Audio clips including: Creating a class act; Right from the beginning; and All pups aren't created equal
  • Pet selection quiz: hlep clients find a good fit when they're looking for a new pet
  • The dvm360 social media marketing kit: pre-written Facebook posts and tweets to educate your clients
  • Practical pointers
  • Take home tips
  • Video corner: Choosing between a young animal and an adult
  • Ready to use handouts

Accessed: 6.10.2014

The dental care toolkit (dvm360)

An awesome collection of resources that will really help get a consistent message out to your clients on the importance of pet dental health,  Information, handouts, videos include:

  • Articles & tips
  • Your dental care tools including some great videos
  • Image quiz
  • the dvm360 social media marketing kit
  • Client education round-up
  • Sample scripts
  • Ready to use handouts
  • Free iPad module on dental care

Accessed 24.08.2014

dvm360 Leadership Challenge: Fear Free - Your complete resources to prioritising patient's emotional wellbeing - and what some call a revolution that will forever change veterinary medicine

An awesome list of resources devoted entirely to the concept of Fear Free Veterinary Care - the resource list contains coverage, analysis solutions and tools (accessed 15.08.2014)

Practice Visit Client Survey (dvm360)

Click here to visit the blog post: Get answers from veterinary clients with this practice visit survey

Photo Release Form (dvm360)

Posting photos of your patients on your website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. is a great marketing tool BUT always make sure you've received authority to do so.  Download this simple 'Photo Release Form' from dvm360.

Healthy Cats for Life (Website)

Check out this great website for cat owners and share the link on your web page.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and Boehringer Ingelheim have developed a campaign to educate cat owners about how to watch for subtle signs of sickness and how to know when to contact their veterinarian. Healthy Cats for Life emphasizes the importance of twice-a-year veterinary exams and recognizing behaviors that relate to feline wellness. 

FREE handouts from MyEVT

Check out this page of FREE downloadable resources from 'Exceptional Veterinary Team'

  • Getting to "YES" on heartworm preventatives handout
  • Mystery Shopper Checklist
  • Canine Care Compliance Record
  • Feline Care Compliance Record
  • Patient Medical Information Checklist
  • And lots more....

Find Pet Friendly Places to Visit Near You

Add a link on your website to this useful page on the 'Paw Club' website and help your clients find dog friendly places to visit - all they need to do is enter their postcode:

CPR For Pets

We've recently come across a few resources on CPR for pets.  Obviously nothing can take the place of attending an actual CPR training course but these may also be useful handouts for your clients:

Saving Your Pet with CPR (JPEG) (Source: American Red Cross)

Saving Your Pet with CPR (PDF) - A5 size, i.e. 2 per A4 (Source: American Red Cross)

Save a Life - Learn Animal CPR (PDF) - DL brochure (Source: Greenwich Animal Hospital)

Resources to Help Clients Understand Dog Behaviour

FREE downloadable resources from My Smart Puppy.  An amazing range of resources available including pdf handouts & videos.

Library categories include:

FREE downloadable resources from Dr. Sophia Yin - The Art & Science of Animal Behavior

Have You Found A Baby Bird? - Poster (Pdf)

Pets in the City (link to PDF)petsinthecity-tinyl-3.jpg>

  • Awesome resource for those veterinary practices in urban locations - PIAS has put together a detailed resource on living with pets in the city.  You can download a PDF version or there are limited hard copies available for purchase - visit

Show & Tell: Building More Client Value into Annual Exams (link to article)

Wellness Visit Report PDF 1 Page 22kb 

New Client Questionnaire (dvm360) PDF 2 pages 173kb


Cat Owners:

Feline Friendly Handling Guidelines (AAFP & ISFM) PDF 14 pages 2.5mb

  • The American Association of Feline Practitioners and International Society of Feline Medicine have come up with a set of recommendations for making cat visits to the veterinary clinic a less stressful affair—for patients, owners, and the entire veterinary team.

Feline Life Stages Guidelines (AAFP & AAHA) PDF 12 pages, 4mb

  • The American Association of Feline Practioners and the American Animal Hospital Association have developed these guidelines to herlp practices develop a partnership with cat owners that will pave the way for a lifelong healthcare plan.  

2008 Senior Feline Care Guidelines (AAFP) PDF 22 pages, 1.27mb

2008 Senior Care Guidelines Summary (AAFP) PDF 4 pages 75kb 

Friends for Life - Caring for Your Older Cat (AAFP sponsored by Purina) PDF 32 pages, 1.46mb

Dog Owners:

10 Life Threatening Behaviour Myths in Dogs - Client handout PDF 1 page, 196kb

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