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FAT D: Dental Blog Posts & Information

Veterinary Dentistry and your Practice – YES .. it really is worth it!

By Dr Diederik Gelderman

Still not convinced you should spend the time and effort developing a successful dentistry program for your veterinary practice?


How to ask for money (Great tips for everyone working in the veterinary industry)

By Dr Ilana Mendels

Think your veterinary clients won't pay for dental treatments? Maybe you're just not asking them the right way....


Veterinary Dental Charting for Dummies

By Dr Liz Chmurycz

Are you overlooking one of the most inexpensive yet effective tools  in the dental services you offer?  

Even better, it's one that your veterinary clients really appreciate & value.

Check out all the examples and resources in this blog post.....


Pet dental health AND behaviour enrichment toys - 2 benefits for the price of one!

by Gillian Shippen

Another tool to add to your pet dental health arsenal. And they're fun!

Why not add enrichment toys that also incorporate dental chews to your recommendations to clients?


How to successfully book in that veterinary dental procedure

By Dr Rhys Hayward

Tips and scripts on how to convince your veterinary clients on the importance of essential dental treatments for their pets.


How technology can help communicate the importance of dental health to your veterinary clients

By Dr Jane Miller

No matter how brilliant you and your team are at dentals, it's useless if you can't communicate this to your veterinary clients.


What if I don't like or enjoy veterinary dentistry?

By Dr Natasha Wilks

Dr Natasha Wilks asks a question many of you may be (silently) asking - what if I don't like dentistry?

Luckily she also gives some great tips and advice on how you may be able to turn that situation around.


Oral Surgery Case Study: Extraction of Mandibular Deciduous Canine Teeth due to Malocclusion

By Dr David E. Clarke

Dental Specialist Dr David Clarke opens up his Case Notes to share with Vetanswers the case of 13 week old English Staffordhsire Terrier Zeta. Dr Clarke shares his recommendation; anaesthesia and pain management; treatment & further treatment options.


Dental Quotes & Images to Share with your Veterinary Clients during FatD

by Judy Gillespie

Often you'll catch your client's attention with an image rather than just words. Sometimes you need a big pair of brown (or blue or green) eyes looking at you to help a message to sink in. 

Flip the lip and count those teeth

By Dr Liz Chmurycz

If there was a simple thing that was quick, easy but that would improve your client's perception of a vet visit you would do it, wouldn't you? All of us "Flip the Lip" well, especially during Pet Dental Month, but how many of you start counting teeth...


Your kick butt veterinary dental program

By Dr Diederik Gelderman

Kick butt with a dental program that can consistently, easily and successfully get your dental income up to between 8% and 10% of gross fee income. An untapped, currently un-used and possibly even unrecognised market...



2014 FatD Blog Posts:

To make your veterinary dental program work - your team must believe!

By Dr Natasha Wilks, High Performance Vets

If you want your dental program to be a success then your team needs to believe in the importance pet dental treatment for the health and well being of pets.  

If they don't believe it then why should your clients?


Let's talk about the big 3... reasons your veterinary dental program isn't working

By Dr Gary Turnbull, Lincoln Institute

Dr Gary Turnbull was interested to read the results of our online survey on dentistry - especially the reasons respondents felt their dental programs weren't successful!

(Hint: He doesn't aree with them!)

Work in a veterinary business?  Then you're in the sales business

By Dr Natasha Wilks, High Performance Vets

Dr Natasha Wilks explain what selling is really all about & why your clients really want you to 'sell' them the right solutions to their pet's problem.


Rascally ferrets, fat rabbits & pets with scales... all have teeth that need checking

By Dr Jayne Weller, Animal Referral Hospital, Sydney

You've probably got checking the mouths of cats & dogs all sorted but what about rabbits, ferrets and reptiles? Check out some great practical tips on checking teeth of the more exotic pets.


Tips for recommending veterinary dentals without the "icky" selling feeling

By Dr Liz Chmurycz, Russell Vale Animal Clinic 

Dr Liz is passionate about providing dental care and she's got some great tips on how to recommend dental treatment without the feeling that you're "selling".


Success vs failure in your veterinary dental program - It all boils down to two things

By Dr Christine Hawke, Sydney Pet Dentistry

Dr Chrisitne Hawke was interested in the results from our Dental Survey - especially the responses on what makes a dental program a success or failure.  She believes success involves addressing 2 important points.


But I can't afford dental radiology in my veterinary practice!

By Dr Rhys Hayward, Vets First

Dr Rhys Hayward is keen to take on the challenge to prove that dental radiology is absolutely affordable for the average veterinary practitioner.  He addresses questions such as: does it cost anything to run?; Will you realistically use it that much?; and does it create extra business?


Creating the perfect home detal program for your veterinary clients

By Dr Liz Chmurycz, Russell Vale Animal Clinic

80% of pets over 3 years have dental disease & only 15% of owners brush their pet's teeth - so now is the time for a home dental program that works!




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