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NEW & FREE! AMR Vet Collective Online Learning Program - VetAMS

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The AMR Vet Collective translates the science around antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stewardship into meaningful and practical information that veterinarians can call upon to make informed, evidence-based decisions in their daily practice.

They want every clinician to feel confident in understanding stewardship principles so that they can diagnose, prescribe, and manage infectious patients with confidence.

New VetAMS Online Learning Program

Become a leader in veterinary antimicrobial stewardship with this new online course.

The VetAMS course is made up of 9 modules featuring key learning activities with current, accessible, and engaging video and audio content, as well as downloadable text files.

You can navigate the modules in any order you like, with each completed module earning you valuable Continuing Education (CE) points and a customised VetAMS Stewardship Certificate. Each module should take around 2 hours to complete, including the readings.

This new course has been designed for veterinarians but most modules are also suitable for veterinary nurses. In particular, Modules 1 (Introduction), 2 (Core Concepts in AMR), 8 (Infection Prevention & Control) and 9 (Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Putting theory into practice) would be useful for both vet nurses and practice managers.

Click on the 2 minute video below to see what the Online Vet AMS Course is all about!

This program was funded by Australia's Department of Water and Environment (DAWE) and the Veterinary Schools of Australia and New Zealand (VSANZ). Contributors from the Australian and New Zealand Veterinary schools as well as many other veterinarians have made this site possible with each module's contributors visible at the end of each module.

The Modules

Module 1: AMR update: Where are we now? (1 CPD Points)

Module 2: Core concepts in AMR  (2 CPD Points)

Module 3: Antibiotic classes  (2 CPD Points)

Module4: Resistance mechanisms  (2 CPD Points)

Module 5: Diagnosing bacterial infections  (2 CPD Points)

Module 6: Antibiotic prescribins and the microbiome  (2 CPD Points)

Module 7: Using prescribing guidelines  (2 CPD Points)

Module 8: Infection prevention and control  (2 CPD Points)

Module 9: Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: Putting theory into practice  (2 CPD Points)




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