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Early Bird:Save $407.00! Australian IVAS Veterinary Course

Integrate Acupuncture Into Your Practice In 2020 Fetaured Product

Australian IVAS Veterinary Acupuncture Course - Early Bird Rate save $407.00 (EBR ends 31.10.19)

Course Information:

  • January - December 2020 | delivered online

  • 3 x 4-Day Residential Workshops | Geelong Conference Centre

Make acupuncture your clinic’s point of difference

What is unique about your clinic?

What sets it apart and encourages clients to walk in the door?

Could acupuncture be the added ‘string to your bow’: an opportunity to incorporate integrative and Western medicine to offer the most comprehensive and compassionate animal health care?

Becoming an IVAS-certified acupuncturist will set you and your practice apart. You will be able to offer clients seeking a holistic approach to high quality animal care for their pets the treatment options they seek.

IVAS Acupuncture Certification - Internationally accredited for 35+ years with 1,800 members worldwide

Endorsed by the Australian Veterinary Acupuncture Group this certification provides:

  1. Rigorous theoretical and practical training in veterinary acupuncture using both dogs and horses in workshops.
  2. Intensive practical components to enable confident development of needling technique.

1.   2.

Picture 1: Acupuncture points for adjunct treatment of idiopathic Horner’s syndrome in a 14-year-old female spayed Golden Retriever. Channels: Triple Hester, Governing Vessel, Bladder Channel, Stomach Channel & Gallbladder Channel.

Picture 2: Using a circling method for treatment of a chronic lick granulomain a 10-year-old male castrated pug. 

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“The IVAS acupuncture training was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences I have had to date in my veterinary career.  It was a definite turning point in my life, one that I had intended to do for many years.”

- Dr Fiona Mead

Understanding, encouraging tutors

Feeling that western medicine wasn’t a complete picture for some of the clinical cases encountered in general practice, Elissa Marriott undertook the IVAS Acupuncture course in 2012. She has extended her therapeutic range with qualifications in acupuncture and animal biomechanics and now practices primarily on performance dogs including greyhounds and working dogs, throughout Victoria. 

Elissa is one of 7 tutors in the course, all of whom bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the Veterinary Acupuncture course. Click here to learn more about the speakers.

Register at Early Bird Rates to save $407.00

Offer ends 31 October 2019



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