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OnPoint Practice Coaching-Managing With Leadership Workshops

OnPoint Practice Coaching Workshop Series

Managing With Leadership Workshop Series


The Managing With Leadership Workshop Series provides a safe and collaborative space for anyone looking to learn more and to practice the skills needed to excel in their role within the practice - no matter what their position is.

These workshops are for managers, owners, veterinarians and senior nurses wanting to take an in-depth look at what specific tools and skills they can use to manage with leadership. 

Workshop 1: Emotional Intelligence

Brisbane 26/3

Learn more about yourself and your team.

Leadership is perhaps the most important function of management - it helps to maximise efficiency which can help to achieve the overall vision and goals of your business.

Key learning areas include: Reviewing your individual DiSC report (valued at $200.00), 4 EQ strategies to work on, new concepts and techniques to enhance your ability to use EQ, collaborate and planning session to give you thhe tools you'll need to implement the necessary changes in your team.

Workshop 2: Communication - Feedback, Meetings, Reviews

Melbourne 7/5  |  Brisbane 28/5  |  Sydney 11/6

Communication is a core management function.

Key learning areas include: understanding the importance of effective communication and where EQ and leadership fit in, how to give both good and bad feedback, discuss what staff really want from a staff review and how to make your staff meetings effective and engaging.

Workshop 3: HR - Recruitment to Termination

Melbourne 6/8  |  Sydney 20/8  |  Brisbane 3/9

Handbooks, Inductions, Wellness Plans.

Self-awareness, communication, and lifelong learning are the three core traits for HR to make a positive impact on their team and the practice.

Key learning areas include: how to best understand your team members and assess HR needs now and in the future, what it takes to attract the "right " people, improve your interview techniques and practice interviewing skills, review your existing induction program and discuss performance management through to termination.

Workshop 4: Marketing

Brisbane 12/11  |  Sydney 19/11  | Melbourne 3/12

Explore the customer experience from start to finish.

Marketing is a tool used to create and maintain demand, relevance, drive business and keep the doors open - we need to get better at it.

In this workshop, you will get the tools to shine outshine and outreach your competitors.

Key learning areas include: new client acquisition to maintaining and engaging your clients so you can become ambassadors for your practice with practical skills and tools to take home.

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