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VetPrac Practical Ophthalmology 2 Day Workshop 18-19 Sept

2021 August Featired Product Vetprac Ophthalmology 1

University of Queensland, Gatton

Diagnosing and treating ocular and periocular conditions quickly and effectively is vital to saving the vision and maintaining the quality of life for your patients.

Having the right equipment and understanding how to use it is one of the most important elements of effective ophthalmology services in general practice.

Develop skills in this workshop that will build your confidence, and can be immediately applied to general practice. Classes are intimate with a high tutor to attendee ratio maximising your learning opportunities.

Do you struggle with…

  • Confidently performing an ophthalmic exam?
  • Minimising the scaring effects on conformation with eyelid surgery?
  • Surgical management of cherry eyes?

What if there was a way you could enhance your skills and surgical techniques solely focused on the eye?

With three renowned specialists from across Australia, you’ll be confident, poised and ready to tackle more ophthalmic procedures back in your clinic.

During the live eye exam practical component of this workshop, you’ll learn how to systematically approach a full test on small animals. Practice Schirmer tear test, tear drainage, tonometry, indirect & direct ophthalmoscopy and more.

You’ll spend hours in the wet lab too, learning first hand surgical procedures for the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea and full global excision. Gain all the best tissue handling skills from Mark, Martyn and Edith; they really will help you see clearly.

CPD Value

NSW CPD Points: 24

Other States CPD Points: 15.5

VetEd CPD Points: 24

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