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Food! It's all about food...

everyone-has-to-eat.jpg>Food! It's all about food....

Quick, healthy, TASTY recipes for busy veterinary professionals.

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What's cooking tonight? Even vets & nurse have to eat!

I decided to take a bit of a risk today ... And introduce a new series of blog posts that I’ve been thinking about for a while.  They won’t exactly be about managing or working in a veterinary practice.  In fact they won’t be about veterinary business at all. They’ll be about ….cooking!  

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Boss Chicken Wings

boss-wings-3.jpg>Another absolute family favourite. Quick to make, quick to cook and everyone loves them.  These chicken wings are a great alternative to the fast food variety. This is a fantastic Friday night dinner and if you cook enough, you’ll have lunches sorted for the weekend too.

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Healthy Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Another family favourite recipe that's not too complicated, uses basic ingredients from the pantry AND leftovers make excellent lunches in salads, wraps or sandwiches.

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Coconut chicken, lime and avocado salad

 As summer has a last gasp in some parts of Australia this quick salad makes an awesome dinner & leftovers an even better lunch!

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Shepherds Pie...the meat free version

 This meat free alternative to traditional shepherds pie is perfect for the cooler weather. This is one recipe I've been making for quite a few years and it ticks all the boxes.........

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Easy Slow Cooked Chicken Chilli

Perfect for the 'multiple sitting' meal, you can use a slow cooker, leave it on a slow simmer or throw it all together at the last minute

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Wholesome KFC Chicken

Your family will be seriously happy about this one - my whole family love them and they're great for lunches the next day (If there are any left over that is!)

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Thai Green Super Soup

When the nights get colder, there's nothing better than hot soup for dinner or lunch.  Soup can sometimes take time to make - but this one's different. Once you've got the ingredients it should only take you about 10 minutes to cook.

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Party Dressing for salads

Salads are quick, healthy and trust me NOT boring with these awesome dressings. I eat a LOT of salads. I have one for lunch nearly every day and then often another for dinner. My main reason is because of the amazing greens I can buy these days......

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Muesli Bars

We always have a batch of these on hand - they're excellent for breakfast on the run, snacks or even missed meals. Even better they're so easy to make my 16 year old son makes them.

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Gooey Chocolate Pudding  These are amazing! As the evenings are getting cooler this lovely little dessert is easy and quick to make and tastes fantastic. Best of all it doesn't make you feel stodgy afterwards.

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2 Ingredient. Grain Free Pancakes

Cooler mornings mean that something warm for breakfast is always preferable to cold cereal or boring toast!

This recipe is so easy my children make it all the time. 

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Honey Spice Banana Muffins

This one's a winner! You can eat them as a quick breakfast or a healthy morning tea - just don't eat them all in one day!

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13 Awesome (Healthy!) Recipes All About Chocolate

Quick, healthy & TASTY recipes for busy veterinary professionals. It's Easter which for many people means CHOCOLATE!

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