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Australian Employee Manual: Instant HR Policies & Procedures - Diversity & Inclusion

Thank you to the Australian Employee Manual for this free downloadable Diversity & Inclusion Policy which can be customised to suit your business.

Click HERE to download

You can purchase the entire Instant HR Policies & Procedures Handbook with over 291 essential and easily customised polices and forms specifically designed for Australian small business - for only $297 - and  as a bonus you'll also receive a copy of the Induction Manual.

Click here to visit the Australian Employee Manual Website

Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes



Business Planning

Team Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Recruitment & Selection Resources

  1. The Art and Science of Recruiting in 2019 - Part 1: Preparing for Recruiting, Creating & Posting an Ad (Sheila Grosdidier, Veterinary Management Consultation)
  2. 12 Secret Sleuthing Steps to Successful Reference Checks (Vetanswers Blog)
  3.  Vetanswers Resource: Sample Reference Checklist  

Pet Bites: Don't be a Hero in your Veterinary Practice (dvm360)

Codes of Conduct & More...

 If you want to encourage a great team environment then writing and discussing your own 'Code of Conduct' is a great place to start.


Websites to visit:



Designing the Perfect Organisational Chart for Your Business - Vetanswers Blog

Are you 100% sure that there are no gender pay imbalances in your team?

Awesome Ideas For Developing a Brilliant Culture

This is an awesome idea - give your team an extra day off on their birthday each year!

Here is a challenging concept for you - how about giving your employees unlimited days off? 

How would your team like a four-day work week? 

Human Resource Policy Manual

A basic HR Policy Manual is better than no manual at all.  At least it's a start and something you can keep adding to & refining over time.  This basic resource from the State Government of Victoria is basic - but a good place to start:

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