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Written by Australian veterinarian Dr Gerardo Poli 'The Mini Vet Guide to Companion Medicine' is designed to make a vets life easier.

"The MiniVet Guide is a small easily portable booklet containing what you need to know to get you through everyday presentations. It is designed to help students through their final year of rotations as well as aid new graduates through their first years of clinical practice.
The MiniVet Guide contains information about common presenting conditions in a simple and concise format. From treating a straightforward case of gastroenteritis to working through a complex Addisonian crisis, the MiniVet Guide has it covered."

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One for the future!

Tips from those that know!

Dr Krista Magnifico writes a regular blog: Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian.  In the follow post she offers 10 pieces of advice she would like to have heard as a new graduate...

Writing Your Resume?

Recruiters get very tired very quickly of reading the same catch phrases - so take your resume to the next level by clearing the clutter (source: Resume Bear Blog, 15/10/11)

Going for an Interview?

Ten practical ways to make sure you shine in a job interview (Source: Jeff Haden LinkedIn Blog, 15/7/2014)

If you want to be the 'chosen one' during an interview the most important information is in the 'how' you do something not the 'what' you do - read more (Source: Ingrid Cliff, Heartharmony,

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