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Marketing Resources

How to Grow Your Email Subscribers With a Facebook Messenger Giveaway (Social Media Examiner, 29.6.2020)

In this article, you’ll learn how to set up an evergreen Facebook Messenger promotion to easily increase the size of your email list.

6 questions to position your brand effectively in the mind of your customer (Start-Up Smart)  (accessed 17/6/2014)

How your clients perceive the brand of your veterinary business directly impacts your bottom line. Answer these 6 questions to help you position your brand effectively in the mind of your clients and ensure your business is more engaging and appealing now and in the future.

What does your perfect veterinary client look like? (Vetanswers Blog Post - 14/3/2013)

As a veterinary practice owner or manager have you ever asked "Who are our clients?"  and then asked "Are they the clients we want?"

It's Time to transform Your Marketing pdf 64 slides, 5.2mb

This fascinating slideshow is from Hubspot and is worth flciking through it you need to be inspired to update your marketing 

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