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Veterinary CPD On-Demand

Love Your Pet Love Your Vet:

FREE On-Demand Webinar Series

1. Thriving & Surviving in the Veterinary Profession Webinar Series

This webinar series features expert guest speakers from a range of specialties, focusing on different areas of veterinary wellbeing.

2.  Royal Canin Webinar Series

This series of four webinars hosted by Royal Canin Australia and Dr Nadine Hamilton cover some great, timely topics including:

1. Practicing self care: COVID-19 and beyond

2. Building your emotional immunity: Resilience 101

3. Coping with the demands of being a veterianry professional

4. Keep calm and communicate!

Global Vet Solutions:

Effective Conusultation & Communication Skills

15 VetEd Points  | 15 Hours Online Learning 

Learn how communication and consultation skills can improve your professional fulfilment, bond clients and improve business outcomes.

Master the Perfect Consult

Consultations are complex interpersonal interactions and often it’s hard to connect with clients. 

This 15 hour course will teach you a range of practical tools, strategies and models to help you to overcome challenges in the consult room, gain more fulfillment from clinical practice and achieve better patient outcomes and happier clients.

Designed for Veterinary Professionals

The University of Sydney Centre for Veterinary Education

TimeOnline On-Demand Continuing Education

TimeOnline OnDemand are short online continuing education programs that you can start and finish at a time that suits you.

Delivered by content matter experts, each OnDemand course gives you access to videos, presentations, notes, supplementary readings and an opportunity to test your knowledge. Succinct and engaging, these courses are designed to fit around your busy life and within your areas of interest.

Video Library

Become a member of the CVE and access a huge range of some of the best and most up-to-date recorded online and face-to-face veterinary CPD.

FlexiVet Training:

On-Demand Webinars

FlexiVet Training was founded by two Emergency and Critical Care Veterinarians, Dr Yvonne van der Veek and Dr Lucy Kirton after they recognised the need for more training in Emergency Medicine.

Dealing with emergency cases can be stressful and cause anxiety and FlexiVet Training is dedicated to providing general practitioners with Emergency Medicine knowledge, so that they can feel confident and have practical approach to any type of emergency.

On-Demand Webinar Topics include:

What has Your Dog Eaten? 1hr of structured CPD (Free); Introduction to Veterinary Point of Care Ultrasound, includes pdf notes, 1.5hr structured CPD; Practical Approach to Transfusion Medicine, includes pdf notes, 1hr structured CPD; Blood Gases, includes pdf notes, 1hr structured CPD; The Dreaded Double Bubble, includes pdf notes, 1hr structured CPD; Analgesia for the Emergency Patient, incluides pdf notes, 1.5hrs structured CPD

VNCA (Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia):

On Demand Webinars & Quizzes

View a range of past VNCA webinars, at a time that suits you and successfully complete the online quiz after viewing to earn one AVNAT CPD point.  

Webinars are available free of charge to members, $45 to non-members, and can be accessed from the VNCA online shop, 24 hours a day.

On-Demand Webinar Topics include: 

Healthy Minds - Self-Awareness, Resilience and Well-being; Critical Nursing Skills; It's an Emergency - Now what? and more.

You'll also find a quizz relating to each edition of the AVNJ (Australian Veterinary Nursing Journal) which, once successfully completed online, earns one AVNAT CPD point

VDEC (Veterinary Dental Education Centre):

On-Demand Webinars

If you're keen to inrease your veterinary dental knowledge, then visit VDEC where Australian Veterinary Dental Specialist Dr David Clarke offers both FREE and paid webinars on a range of topics.

You can join as a Member to view all webinars for free or purchase them individually for only $29.

On-Demand Webinar Topics include:

Feline Radiology; Feline Extraction Techniques; Dental Charting and how it will improve the business (FREE), Professional dental services to benefit your clinic, Anaesthesia: Understanding and Troubleshooting Anaesthetic Complications


On-Demand Training Courses

The RSPCA Training Team offers training in a range of accredited and non-accredited courses. These include a number of On-Demand courses to suit pet owners as well as those interested in working in the animal care industry including:

Nationally Accredited Training:


Non-Accredited Training:


 Click here to visit the RSPCA NSW website to find out more

Vet Education

On Demand Webinar Library

A huge library of webinars (1,000+ hours!) are available on demand to members and 50+ hours of RACE-approved webinars are added annually. Categories of webinars in the library include: Small Animal, Large Animal, Birds & Exotics, Practice Life and Vet Nurse/Tech.

Visit the Vet Education website to find out more


Crampton Consulting Group

On-Demand Training Options Include:

Proskills Courses e.g. Customer Service. Leadership & Management, etc.

Intelligence Courses e.g. Customer Service Inteeligence, Leadership Intelligence, Veterinary Nursing Consultations Intelligence

Visit the CCG website to find out more


CiVT (College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies)

On-Demand Training Options Include:

A diverse webinar catalogue that are all available on demand.

A range of online courses including Nationally Accredited Qualifications (Graduate Diplomas) and short courses in: Chinese Herbal Medicine; Western Herbal Medicine; Veterinary Acupuncture; Integrative Veterinary Medicine Short Courses, Introductory Courses; and Natural Animal Care.

Visit the CiVT website to find out more

Bova Scholar

On-Demand FREE Webinars for Veterinarians & Veterinary Nurses

Bova Aus have created Bova Scholars, an online resource for vets and vet nurses with webinars on a variety of topics. Current topics include: Clonidine - The what, where, when, how and why of using it for treatment; Part 1 - Allergy in Cats and Reaching a Diagnosis; Part 2 - Management of the Environmentally Allergic Cat; Elizabethan Collars. New topics added monthly.

Visit the Bova Scholars website to find out more


Online Library

VetPD offers a range of Webinar Series both live and then on demand. Topics include Equine - Beyond Basics: Modern Diagnostic & Therapeutic Techniques in Equine Dentistry (10.5 hrs); Foot Lameness & Podiatry (12.5 hrs); and Advanced Mare Reproduction (Featuring Placentitis & Foetal Sexing). All lectures in the series can also be purchased individually.

Other topics include Avian & Exotic: Rabbit Medicine (Part 1) (8 hours); Reptiles in Practice - From Tortoise, to Lizards and Snakes (8 hours); Advanced Avian Medicine & Avian/Exotic Animal Orthopaedic Surgery (8 hours) and Rabbit Medicine - Including Dentistry (Part 2) (8 hours).

Visit the VetPD website to find out more.


On-Demand Free Veterinary Marketing Webinars

A number of webinars featuring Dr James Ramsden are available for viewing. Topics include: The Online Customer Journey; Growing Loyal Customers Through Engagement; and How to Handle Nagative Reviews on Social Media

Visit the PetPack website to find out more.

American College of Veterinary Behaviourists

Veterinary Behaviour Symposium 2020 - FREE Presentations

The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Annual Symposium was unable to be held in 2020 for obvious reasons. However, thanks to their sponsors they were not only able to hold a virtual event but also give access to all the VBS presentations free of charge worldwide.

Click here to access over 15 presentations & to download the Proceedings.


Webinar Archive provides a wide range of on-demand webinars for both veterinarians and veterinary nurses in their Webinar Archive. Each webinar can be purchased individually or join as a member to access unlimited webinars.

Visit the website to find out more.

Australian Veterinary Association

On-Demand Courses

The AVA website has a number of online, self-paced learning opportunities including: the AVA Return to Work Program (5 clinical, 4 non-clinical modules & a practical skills guide); VBG Diploma of leadership and management (delivered by AIRC); and, Authorised implanter course for veterinarians - VIC.

Visit the AVA website to find out more


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