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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

201 actionable tips to help you whether your knowledge of SEO is at a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level. There are tips to help with: On-Page SEO; Link Building; Keyword Research; Technical SEO, Video SEO; User Experience

Website development

This awesome post gives a very thorough list of tips and information you'll need to consider when setting up your first website AND it's also a brilliant resource if you're considering updating your existing website.

Blog Resources

Blog Posting Calendar January to December 2019 (excel)

If you don't share your knowledge with your veterinary clients you can't blame them for turning to Dr Google!

Publishing the right information at the right time can be an essential part of your relationship with existing and potential clients and is a great way to add value.


  • Suggested topics for content writing for each month

  • Over 40 possible blog topics to help get you started

  • Tips for writing the all-important blog post title

The Calendar allows you to plan out what is to be written, content, author, target audience, keywords and your offer or 'call to action' - all essential blog post components.

Click here to download your copy

Improving Your Website

- Add your website URL and then sit back and wait for Broken Link Check to provide you with a list of links that need fixing - AND it's FREE!

How Readable is your Website or your blog post? Click on this link, add in your web address & get a range of scores on how readable your website actually is! -


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