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From The Blog

I love the Vetanswers community because you cover all different aspects of the industry & are such a huge supporter of continuing education not just in listing events but in the content you post in your newsletters each week. I am constantly learning & getting a great benefit from being a member!

Jo H. – Vet Nurse – Member since 2012

I love Vetanswers’ eNews because it arrives in my inbox while I’m having my coffee on a Friday morning and makes me think about aspects of our industry that I wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Kristie K – Veterinarian – Member since 2015

Vetanswers is the bomb! A place where our community is supported, encouraged and can learn about all aspects of veterinary medicine & business. As a reader and guest blogger I appreciate Judy and this community enormously. Thank you!!.

Claire S. – Veterinarian & Coach – Member since 2017

Vetanswers is a brilliant resource for our profession – Judy curates the most useful information so carefully, and it’s easy to dip in and out of between consults.

Anne Q. – Veterinarian & Author – Member since 2015

Vetanswers constantly gives me reminders of what is happening in the wider community. Judy also offers personal support when needed (which I have in the past). So very grateful for what Judy does and continues to do.

Kay C. – Practise Manager – Member since 2016

Vetanswers is a community. Judy is fabulous at inclusion, at covering a wide range of topics of interest to all segments of her audience (although not all at the same time – it’s a difficult balance!), and at providing support and validation to a sometimes fragile vet community. There are great resources, (special shout out to the CE section) and the opportunity to hear the “real” voices of guest bloggers. Most importantly, Vetanswers drops in my inbox once a week to remind me I’m not alone, neither my struggles nor successes are unique, and both are better shared. Thanks Vetanswers (and by that I mean, thanks Judy – you are seen & appreciated. Thank you)

Lisa B. – Practise Owner – Member since 2014

What do I like about being a Vetanswers Member? I love the connection with other likeminded people, along with the huge array of easy to access resources! These help me in educating the upcoming veterinary graduates, particularly with the soft skills that can be lacking from the veterinary curriculum.

Michelle E. – Veterinarian – Member since 2020

What do I Iove about being a Vetanswers Member? I like the fact that every week I’ve got a tool with good content to add to our social media as well as keeping me up to date with other businesses and tips that can help mine.

Megan R. – Veterinarian – Member since 2017

I love Vetanswers because every time it arrives in my inbox I get a reminder to read some very topical, sometimes difficult, but always very well researched topics within our industry. The areas covered are essential reading for anyone within our industry, and provide a holistic coverage of issues we face, not just your average CE

Annika O. – Veterinarian – Member since 2015

Vetanswers is one of my go-to resources as a practice manager. It provides me with such a great range of information for the veterinary industry which I relay to both my staff and our clients. I particularly appreciate the work you put into the CPD calendar. I use this to alert my staff of upcoming training opportunities & to target training for my nurses. Thanks for producing this free high quality resource – it’s really valued.

Nicky S. – Practise Manager – Member since 2018

I love that Judy scours the net to find relevant articles, information & vents that are current & then presents them easily in one place. Saves me searching!

Amy C. – Practise Owner – Member since 2016

What do I Iove about being a Vetanswers Member? I love the free resources and tools, and I love the blog posts from other vets. It helps me to feel connected with vets all over Australia, & keep in touch with what is going on, including in continuing education. It’s a nice break out of my day to sit down & read my Vetanswers email. It feels like an escape.

Catheryn W. – Senior Veterinarian – Member since 2011

Vetanswers always seems to deliver a typical yet inspiring email to my Inbox, right as I need it to take on my Friday. The content is always fresh & the CPD updates are much appreciated. As a busy vet, seeking CPD often doesn’t rate highly enough on my radar, although it should. Thanks Vetanswers!

Georgia L. – Veterinarian – Member since 2015

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