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Vetanswers is a free online community for the veterinary industry.

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Join us and we’ll make your life easier by helping you connect with those who have the solutions to the problems you face every day working in practice.

Our weekly eNews saves time by keeping you up to date with all the best veterinary news, tools and resources.

We’ll also help you discover innovative products and services to improve your life and those of the precious animals you care for.

Everyone within the veterinary industry is welcome to join Vetanswers and we’ll help you save time, connect, and discover!

Vetanswers is a community. Judy is fabulous at inclusion, at covering a wide range of topics of interest to all segments of her audience (although not all at the same time – it’s a difficult balance!), and at providing support and validation to a sometimes fragile vet community.

There are great resources, (special shout out to the CPD Calendar) and the opportunity to hear the “real” voices of guest bloggers.

Most importantly, Vetanswers drops in my inbox once a week to remind me I’m not alone, neither my struggles nor successes are unique, and both are better shared.

Thanks, Vetanswers (and by that I mean, thanks Judy – you are seen & appreciated. Thank you)

Lisa B.

Veterinary Practice Owner & Member since 2014

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Why did I set up Vetanswers?

I created the Vetanswers Community to provide the support, resources and solutions to help our members build happy, successful, profitable businesses and careers.

The goal of Vetanswers was to provide an online Community where everyone within the Australian veterinary industry was welcome.

After getting my B.Bus (HRM) I worked in HR in a range of service industries, taught at TAFE for several years & picked up an MBA along the way. I then, somewhat accidentally, found myself in the veterinary industry & here I’ve stayed because I love the people and what they do.

I believe that the financial rewards for working in this industry should and can be better. I also know that vets and nurses who work and own veterinary practices are fantastic at looking after animals, but often don’t have the time to research the best solutions to solve their problems.

So that’s where I come in – I love research and reading so I track down the best information and resources to share with the Vetanswers Community.

I’ve been working in the veterinary industry for over 20 years, but I’m not a vet or a vet nurse. I’m a pet owner (ok, maybe a fairly well-informed pet owner) and one of my strengths is that I can speak to our Community as a pet owner – and when necessary I’ll be brutally honest about what I want as a pet owner.

No matter what you do or where you work, you’re welcome to join the Vetanswers Online Community.

Individual Membership is FREE and always will be.

Judy Gillespie

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