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Author: Dr Sam Bowden, Accelerate Practice Academy

Sam Bowden has spent 15 years as a practising vet. He has owned two practices during this time, each of them achieving phenomenal results in growth and profitability. He has devoted his last 12 years to helping practice owners increase their happiness, work-life balance and profitability. He is the founder of United Vets Group  |  The Ultimate Veterinary Practice  |  Complete Vet Systems  |  More Vet Clients Websites  |  Accelerate Mastermind Group  |  Vet Business Manager Program  |  The Dental Academy His skill set is combining long-lasting mindset changes together with proven practical strategies to allow practice owners and teams to reach their full potential. He is considered a leading educator on how to increase profitability, work-life balance and happiness in the veterinary industry.

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