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Covetrus Ascend

Covetrus Ascend, our cloud-based practice management system is designed and developed to remove operational clinic chaos, delight staff with ease of use and improve team collaboration and wellbeing.

Why consider Ascend?

  • Simple to learn and easy to use for team members
  • Flexible and mobile for offsite work
  • Works on all devices
  • Saves up to 20% more time per week
  • Highly visual, intuitive, and modern

Virtual Vet Nurse

Designed specifically for busy veterinary clinics, Virtual Vet Nurse is an intelligent, integrated digital platform that streamlines workflows and engages your clients 24/7.

What is a digital assistant?

Forget what you know about conventional Chatbots because Virtual Vet Nurse is so much more. The number of tasks and workflows they can manage for you are only limited by your imagination.

Along with a customizable website presence, your Virtual Vet Nurse can be trained to engage and assist your clients via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Digital Humans and more.

Your Virtual Vet Nurse is 100% loyal to your clinic

Unlike other digital offerings, your Virtual Vet Nurse will never refer your clients outside of your clinic, or give them a reason not to visit you. Just the opposite – they’re a loyal and helpful team member who engages, educates and upsells (where appropriate) to your clients.

Looking to streamline your client workflows? Virtual Vet Nurse is here to help.


Veterinary Dental Pathology Detection

Transforming Pet Dental Care: AI-Powered Pathology Detection

Experience the future of veterinary dental diagnosis with D.A.V.I.D., the AI tool that quickly and accurately identifies dental pathologies in pets, ensuring timely and effective care.

Developed by Australian Veterinary Dental Specialist, Dr David E. Clarke, D.A.V.I.D. is a fast, advanced learning medical A.I. that provides visual investigation of veterinary X-ray and photographic images.

Working incredibly fast, D.A.V.I.D. examines the entire image, viewing it from almost 7 billion perspectives. It assesses images looking for pathology just like a skilled human would. This means that D.A.V.I.D. can interpret live video, images, and medical imaging in any format.

At the core of veterinary practice is the commitment to the well-being of pets and the peace of mind of their owners. Understanding this, D.A.V.I.D. is designed to reinforce this commitment by eliminating uncertainty in dental diagnoses and ensuring the most appropriate treatment plans.

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