Building a Better Veterinary Industry

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Building a better veterinary industry

Innovative ideas to improve or solve current issues within the industry. 

Tackling the Vet Shortage

Podcast Resource: Catering to a female workforce in the veterinary industry

Discover how to better manage the workplace in an inclusive way for females and males

In this fascinating episode of Paws, Rewind & Play Podcast, thanks to Covetrus, Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker (Smooth Operating Vets) discusses how the introduction of positive changes in veterinary workplace systems can keep your staff happy and allow you to retain fantastic veterinarians in the clinical space.

Given the majority of the workforce are now or projected to be predominantly female, this means unique or different career structures.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast

Video Resource: Tackling the Vet Shortage – What we can do about it

This video is thanks to Smooth Operating Vets and EzyVet.

In the webinar, Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker (Smooth Operating Vets) discusses the changing demographics of our profession and the impact this has on our workforce and the career structure of Vets.

Jocelyn offers some solutions to the veterinary staffing crisis including how Smooth Operating Vets can help to bring vets back to your practice.

Click HERE to watch the video

The Open Veterinary Hospital

Some veterinary clinics want to break down the wall between the client side of the practice and the treatment area with a model known as an ‘open hospital’.

Read more about this concept in these articles:

Open for Business (Today’s Veterinary Business)

Some hospitals are going wall-less, transforming the client experience by keeping pets and people together. Click HERE to read more.

The Open Veterinary Hospital (SkeptVet)

“There is widespread recognition in veterinary medicine of the critical role clients and client communication play in patient care. Informed consent and establishing a veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) are typically legal prerequisites for providing veterinary services….One approach I have experienced and believe deserves greater study and broader adoption, is the open-hospital model.” Click HERE to read more

Welcoming pet owners to the back of the clinic (ViNNews)

Open hospitals gain adherents, raise concerns. Click HERE to read more

Building a better veterinary industry

Innovative ideas to improve or solve current issues within the industry.

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