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Vetanswers aim is to publish information that is useful, applicable, helpful and interesting to our members in the veterinary industry.

We are always on the lookout for content that will suit the wide range of knowledge and experiences of our members most of whom are in Australasia (but not all!).  

From experienced business owners to vet nurses taking on leadership roles or those thinking of becoming involved in their own business – we aim to publish and share information that will help.

Overall we’re pretty flexible here at Vetanswers – we really just want to publish great content from our Members including:

  • Those who work in veterinary practices, hospitals, specialist centres, etc.
  • Those who work in the animal and pet industry;
  • Those who work in charities and not for profits;
  • Those who work in businesses that supply goods and services to the veterinary industry.

If you would like to submit a Guest Blog Post there are a couple of things you need to know:

1. If you’re not already a member of Vetanswers, then we ask that you join our Community before we publish your Guest Blog Post (it’s FREE for everyone to join – just click here);

2. Unless you work in a veterinary practice/hospital, etc. we also require you to select a Membership for your veterinary supplier business. You can select from Premium, Practical, Basic and Free Membership options.  Just click here to find out more about all of our Membership options.

If you work for a Veterinary Supplier (that is – any business other than a veterinary practice, hospital, specialist, etc. or charity) and you’ve chosen a Free Membership, then we’re happy to publish a Guest Post  as part of our ‘3 Things I bet you didn’t know about…’ Guest Blog Series.

If you’d like us to publish more Guest Blog Posts from you or your company then you’ll need to consider either a Premium, Practical or Basic Membership  you can click here to find out more….

If you’ve chosen either a Premium, Practical or Basic Membership then we’re more than happy to regularly publish Guest Posts space permitting

3. If you work in a veterinary practice, hospital or specialist centre. then we’re generally happy to publish whatever information you would like to submit.

As much as we love to share a whole range of information  with our Community, we also retain the right to not to publish a Guest Blog Post for whatever reason.

You don’t have to be an experienced blogger, you just have to have something that you want to say – we can help you with the rest!

Read on for our Guest Blogging guidelines…..

Guest Blogging – Suggested topics….

We’re open to topic suggestions as we think it works best if the person guest blogging chooses a topic they are interested and have expertise in.

If you work for a veterinary supplier, then as long as both you and your business are members of the Vetanswers Community, with either a Premium, Practical or Basic Membership, we’re happy to work with you if you have a particular product or service that you would like to inform people about and will aim to publish the Post to give you maximum exposure.  We’re not really interested in publishing a ‘sales pitch’ but we are interested to know how your product and service will solve a problem that may be faced by our members who work in veterinary practices and the pet industry.

Just to ensure that the Blog Post topic is a good ‘fit’ with Vetanswers we reserve the right to give final approval to all Blog Post topics.

One more thing about blog post content (thanks to the good people at Seven Sentences for the image below) – we strongly agree with the statement below and so will only publish posts that help to build trust and strengthen relationships.

Guest Blogging – New or second hand?

We definitely get much more excited over Posts that have never been published before although under exceptional circumstances we are open to negotiation on this point.

Once it’s been published on Vetanswers website we are happy for it to be re-published elsewhere – but only on the proviso that it includes acknowledgement that the Post was originally published by Vetanswers, the publishing date and a link to the original Post. E.g. “This Post was originally published by Vetanswers on 10 July 2012,

Guest Blogging – Living forever

Guest blog posts will be published under the ‘Guest Blog’ category or one of the other categories depending on your content.  A preview and link will appear on the Vetanswers homepage as well as the Blog page.  Our aim is to leave the link on the home page for up to a week, however this time frame may be reduced according to the number of guest blogs posts we receive – ultimately our aim is to help promote your expertise as much as possible whilst also being fair to other guest bloggers.

As your Post will continue to live forever on our website we can always promote it again e.g. ‘Daily Top Tips’, ‘From the vault’, ‘Our favourite blogs’ etc.  So the more interesting your post is, the more likely it is to be re-promoted.

Guest Blogging – Tell us all about you

Your Post will be published with your name as the author.  We are more than happy to include your photo, a brief bio, company logo and whatever links you would like to add e.g website, social media, etc.  Make your bio fun and interesting as then it’s much more likely to be read.

Guest Blogging – Loving Links

We love internal links and would be very impressed if you included a link or two to other blogs we have on our website.

We also don’t mind if you link to other posts on the internet as long as the links are relevant to the post content and there are not an excessive number of links because frankly we find that extremely annoying and so assume others do as well.

Guest Blogging – Spreading the Lurve

Once a Post is published it is then promoted in our weekly Veterinary Community Connection eNews & multiple times via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

We also encourage (and greatly appreciate!) if you could also promote your guest blog post through your social media channels, website, newsletter, etc.

Guest Blogging – The nitty gritty

We’ve turned the information below into a blog post: Tasty Tips for Newbie Bloggers in the Veterinary Industry


How long should your guest blog post be?  Well, how long is a piece of string?  The answer is – it depends!

Generally we suggest between 200 to 1,000 words although we’ve never managed to write one in under 350 words!  And to be honest, the only reason we suggest 200 words is to not scare off potential guest bloggers.

We are happy to publish longer blogs but may also suggest dividing them into Part 1 & Part 2.


Please email all draft blogs as word documents which will then be converted into a Post on the Vetanswers website.

Once it’s been loaded onto its new home & appropriate images added, if time permits we will generally send a link back to you for approval. If you would prefer to see your Post before it’s published please let us know and we’ll get it back to you nice and early. We’ll track down images that are suitable for your post but feel free to make some suggestions.

Please also attach a copy of your logo suitable for publication on our website that we can add to the end of your guest blog post.

It’s also important that you credit all sources, etc. you may have quoted in your Post, as although our blog posts are not scientific documents it’s still important to give credit where credit is due!


We’ve been known to be somewhat picky, so please don’t be offended if we make some changes to your Post that we believe will improve it even more.  This means your Post may be edited prior to publication for spelling, grammar, quality or clarity. Our aim though is to always maintain the style and feel of what you’ve written and sometimes editing may just involve breaking the content up using headings, etc.

Guest Blogging – Tips for Newbies

Never written a blog post before?  No problems – it’s not hard and we’re here to help.

Tips on topics:

If you work in a veterinary practice or pet business why not write a Post on:

  • Challenges in your job
  • What you’ve learnt in your job
  • What you love about your job

If you work for a business that provides goods or services to the veterinary industry you could write a Post on:

  • FAQ’s
  • How your new product/service will meet the needs or solve a problem faced by those that work in the veterinary and animal industries (as long as it’s not a straight sales pitch!)
  • What you’ve learned from working with the industry
  • How things could be done better

Here are some tips on writing blog posts that you may find useful, some of which we found on the very helpful website: ‘Men with Pens Guest Post Guidelines and Policies’

  • When thinking about your topic, try to come up with something that is a bit different and has a focus
  • Once you have your topic, jot down a few pointers as to where you want your blog to go – think about the point/s you want to make – this will give your blog post a good structure and ensure you stick to your point.
  • Now – just start writing.
  • Don’t aim to create a masterpiece in one sitting – just start writing.
  • Don’t even think about the word count – just start writing
  • Expect to re-write and polish your post a few times before you’re happy with it, the important part is to – just start writing (getting the idea yet?)
  • Just start writing!
  • Leave your post for a day or two, it’s amazing what you’ll notice when you look at it with fresh eyes.
  • Start with a good strong introduction – make a bold statement or something that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read more
  • Think about the structure and formatting of your blog as there are a few things that make online blogs much easier to read:
    • shorter paragraphs
    • Sub headings
    • Bullet points
    • Lots of white space
  • Add in some strong impact statements (but don’t go overboard!)
  • Have a good conclusion or wrap up – your Post should have an ‘ending’ so try to add a summary with a good strong finish
    • Ask a question or add something that will encourage readers to comment on your Post
  • A killer headline can make all the difference to your post being read or ignored – no matter how awesome your content is.
    • There are many posts that discuss the best type of headings that will encourage the most number of ‘clicks’ & often the following types of headings are suggested:
      • 10 top tips to…
      • The secret of….
  • Here’s a nice basic blog post on the art of writing a good title: ‘Are You Writing Rockin’ Blog Post Titles?’

If you would like to submit a Guest Blog Post there are a couple of things you need to know

1. If you’re not already a member of Vetanswers, then we ask that you join our Community before we publish your Guest Blog Post (it’s FREE for everyone to join – just click here);


2. Unless you work in a veterinary practice/hospital, etc. we also require you to select either a Basic, Practical or Premium Business Membership for your veterinary supplier business. Just click here to find out more about all of our Membership options.

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