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Vet Education On-Demand Webinars, Procedural Videos & Journal Articles

All Vet Education webinars are recorded and can be found in their extensive webinar library available to all Vet Education Members.

You’ll also find the Vet Synapse podcast and  blog posts on the Vet Education website

You can find lectures suitable for:

Recent Grads  |  Vet Nurses/Techs  |  Vets

Lecture Categories include:
  • Birds and Exotics
  • Large Animal
  • Equine & Equine Dentistry
  • Online Toxicology Symposium
  • Online Veterinary Conference

iM3 offer a range of FREE on-demand, dental focused webinars for veterinarians and vet nurses.

On-Demand Webinar Topics include…

For Vets:

  • Marketing Dentistry;
  • Advanced Dental X-Ray Techniques;
  • Dental Hand Instrument Sharpening;
  • Dental Radiographic Interpretation: 1. Normal Anatomy, 2. Canine, 3. Feline;
  • Local Anaesthetic Techniques for Dentistry;

For Vet Nurses:

  • Prophylactic Dental Care;
  • Vet Dentistry for Vet Nurses : 1. Oral Clinical Examination, 2. Charting, 3. Scaling, 4. Recommend Radiography Equipment.

VDEC (Veterinary Dental Education Centre): On-Demand Webinars

If you’re keen to increase your veterinary dental knowledge, visit VDEC where Australian Veterinary Dental Specialist Dr David Clarke offers FREE and paid webinars on various topics.

Topics include: 

  • Feline Radiology;
  • Feline Extraction Techniques;
  • Dental Charting and how it will improve the business (FREE),
  • Professional dental services to benefit your clinic, 
  • Anaesthesia: Understanding and Troubleshooting Anaesthetic Complications

Some of the webinars are free and others can be accessed via an Annual Subscription to VDEC. 

Veplabs – FREE Vepa Expert Certification Program

Available now for the Skyla chemistry analysers

The Vepa Expert Program is designed to recognise the crucial role that Nurses and Vet Techs play in diagnostic testing.

Complete the Skyla training with a Vepa trainer, pass the online exam (90%+), and demonstrate competency (online or in person) to receive the following benefits:

  • An additional two years’ Vepa extended warranty
  • A 50% subsidy on the cost of Quality Control Kits
  • Free remote monitoring of QC results (includes lab integration software license and hardware)
  • An expert operating your analyser, which means less downtime, less wastage and more confidence!

The University of Sydney, Centre for Veterinary Education

TimeOnline OnDemand Continuing Education

TimeOnline OnDemand are short online continuing education programs that you can start and finish at a time that suits you.

Delivered by content matter experts, each OnDemand course gives you access to videos, presentations, notes, supplementary readings and an opportunity to test your knowledge. Succinct and engaging, these courses are designed to fit around your busy life and within your areas of interest.

Video Library

Become a member of the CVE and access a huge range of some of the best and most up-to-date recorded online and face-to-face veterinary CPD.


Lincoln Institute Online Learning – Professional Mastery Courses

Leading Edge For Veterinarians

Leading Edge for Vets is specifically designed to keep our vets in Practice by equipping them with the skills they need to have a long and happy career, delivered in bite-size online weekly training.

This course is ideal for the following: Veterinary Practice Owners  |  Experienced Practicing Vets  |  New and recent graduates  |  Veterinary Students

Click HERE to find out more.

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders is a highly effective, leadership-based, business development program designed and proven to increase levels of engagement and accountability in your entire veterinary team.

Virtually delivered, interactive monthly training for your entire veterinary team.

Click HERE to find out more.

Improve Veterinary Education

Accelerated Emergency Program: Foundation Certificate in Emergency & Critical Care Accredited Training 

The Accelerated Emergency Program is the solution for veterinarians who want to be confident in their management of emergency patients; rapidly transition into emergency practice AND gain postgraduate qualifications while they upskill!

The Accelerated Emergency Program is now globally accredited training for the new Foundation Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care (FCert ECC) by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies.

The 15 Module program was developed in partnership with experienced Animal Emergency Service (AES) veterinarians, including Members and Fellows of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Emergency and Critical Care. Its aim is to help you gain the foundation emergency skills to approach your patients with confidence and competence.

Accelerate Practice Academy On-Demand Courses

Vet Dental Academy

Double your Confidence. Double your Results. Double Your Clients Appreciation.

A step-by-step program with live coaching that covers the technical AND business side of dentistry for the entire team.

Vet Business Manager

A 12-module program for vet practice owners and managers to develop your mindset, your leadership, your marketing and your financial skills.

Vet Liaison

An 8-week program with live coaching to train anyone on how to become a highly valuable vet liaison.


Platinum CPD – The Platinum Standard in Veterinary CPD

On Demand Webinar Series

At Platinum CPD, they believe a commitment to continuing education is essential in enhancing professional skills, knowledge and career satisfaction.

Their on-demand webinar series includes:

  • Uh oh! It’s Neuro! Problem-solving in Neurology: Practical Tips fro Busy Vets
  • Imaging od Small Animal Abdominal Emergencies: Part 1 & Part 2
  • Oncologic Mythbuisters & Dogma: What All Gp’s Need To Know!
  • The Nurse’s Role in Veterinary Dentistry
  • Dental Imaging Part 1: De-Mystifyinh Dental Radiographs
  • Dental Imaging Part 2: Troubleshoot Your Way To Success
  • My Feline Patient Has A Murmur… What Do I Do?

Murdoch University, Centre for Advanced Veterinary Education (CAVE)

Murdoch Online Veterinary Education (MOVE) Webinar Series

MOVE provides an opportunity for veterinarians and veterinary nurses to participate in live, interactive online small animal sessions that are presented by veterinary specialists.

From home or work, veterinarians and veterinary nurses are able to attend one hour interactive lectures on topics applicable to everyday practice.

All sessions are archived so if you are unable to attend or get called away during the presentation, you will be able to review later.

The MOVE webinar series is a membership benefit for paid CAVE Member subscriptions.

Complimentary Listings…

Vets for Climate Action – Climate Care Program

Empowering vet teams to take the lead on environmental sustainability and help bring a halt to climate change. 

Created by vets and vet nurses for veterinary teams, the Climate Care Program is designed to be realistic and workable in a busy veterinary practice.

The program is delivered online and comprises an introductory module and six sequential content-based modules, each addressing a different sustainability topic. You’ll be provided with guidance about how to get the most out of each module, depending on your time availability. 

The modules cover:

  • Water for Life
  • No Time to Waste
  • Energy Efficiency
  • The Power of Renewables
  • Buying for a Better Future
  • Healthcare without Harm

The Climate Care Program provides the tools and knowledge to successfully integrate environmentally sustainable solutions into day-to-day veterinary practice.

AMR Vet Collective FREE CPD

FREE Online Vet AMS Course

A comprehensive Australian and NZ online course in veterinary antimicrobial stewardship, created for people like you!

Learn at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

Become a leader in veterinary antimicrobial stewardship – 17 CPD points available. Complete the entire course to earn your Veterinary Antimicrobial Stewardship Certificate.

FREE Diagnostic Skills Refresher Videos

Quick and simple in-house diagnostics are super helpful to guide immediate decisions around use and selection of antimicrobials.

Check out these refresher videos to help optimise your decision making including: Urine Wet Prep; Sticky Tape Sample; Get the most from your in-house cytology; Gram Stain Protocol & Diff Quik® protocol.

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We can advertise your CPD offerings here and promote them to the Vetanswers Community.

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VetAPedia (FREE)

The latest Emergency & Critical Care Online resources designed to help veterinarians.

VetAPedia is a collection of Animal Emergency Service resources, journal reviews, veterinary blog articles and clinical content, designed specifically for Veterinary professionals and provided by Animal Emergency Services.

The AES vision is to advance the field of Emergency and Critical Care in order to ensure patients receive the highest level of care. To achieve this, they will share exclusive resources developed in collaboration with the world’s foremost leaders in the industry.

On the VetAPedia website you’ll find:

  • A collection of cheat-sheets, protocols, CRI’s ready for you when you need them.
  • The latest research in Emergency & Critical Care (e.g. snake envenomation, tick paralysis, emergency burns and smoke inhalation)
  • On-Demand training and development programs to help upskill your team;

And you’ll be able to mingle online with like-minded emergency vets from around the world.

    RSPCA NSW – On-Demand Training Courses

    The RSPCA Training Team offers training in a range of accredited and non-accredited courses. These include a number of On-Demand courses to suit pet owners as well as those interested in working in the animal care industry.

    On-line training courses include:


    Nationally Accredited Training:

    • ACMGAS206 Provide Basic First Aid for Animals
    • ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies
    • ACMMIC401 Implant Microchip in Cats and Dogs

    Non-Accredited Training:

    • Basic Animal First Aid
    • Introducing Your Pet to a New Baby

    Free Listings…

    The Equine Practice Company

    The Equine Practice Company is an online education company dedicated to promoting continuing education and professional development for equine veterinarians.

    The Practitioner’s Program provides educational resources focusing on equine veterinary medicine, covering topics including lameness, colic, internal medicine dentistry, imaging, emergency medicine, reproduction and more. 

    Visit The Equine Practice Company website to find out more

    The Veterinary Dental Company

    The Veterinary Dental Company is an online education company that provides continuing education courses for veterinarians to increase confidence, competence and skills in equine dentistry.

    The RACE accredited online lectures enable practitioners to earn CE points at a time and place that is convenient to them. Other resources include the biennial Virtual Internship, physical resources such as flip books and free webinars

    Visit The Veterinary Dental Company website to find out more

    FourLimb Surgical Solutions – Orthomed Academy

    All new!

    The Orthomed Academy brings highly valuable veterinary orthopaedic training directly to you online. Courses can be accessed in your own time and worked through at your own pace.

    Courses include: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Deficiency; Patellar Luxation; and Plate Osteosynthesis


    Visit the FourLimb Orthomed Academy website to find out more

    FlexiVet Training: On-Demand Webinars

    FlexiVet Training is dedicated to providing general practitioners with Emergency Medicine knowledge so they can feel confident and have a practical approach to any emergency.

    On-Demand Webinar Topics include: What has Your Dog Eaten?; Introduction to Veterinary Point of Care Ultrasound; Practical Approach to Transfusion Medicine; Blood Gases; The Dreaded Double Bubble; and Analgesia for the Emergency Patient.

    Visit the FlexiVet website to find out more

    B. Braun 

    Supplying the animal health communities for over 100 years

    Visit the B. Braun website for a range of on-demand training and downloadable resources on a wide range of topics including:

    • Infection Prevention & Sterilisation
    • Emergency & Oncology
    • Infusion Therapy
    • Surgery 
    • Regional Anaesthesia
    • Wound Management
    Visit the B.Braun website to find out more.

    Global Vet Solutions

    Grow your practice. Increase profits. Create a dream team.

    This 15-hour course (15 VetEd Points) will teach you a range of practical tools, strategies and models to help you to overcome challenges in the consult room, gain more fulfilment from clinical practice and achieve better patient outcomes and happier clients.

    Visit the Global Veterinary Solutions website to find out more

    Bova Scholar

    On-Demand FREE Webinars for Veterinarians & Veterinary Nurses

    Bova Aus have created Bova Scholars, an online resource for vets and vet nurses with webinars on a variety of topics. Current topics include: Clonidine – The what, where, when, how and why of using it for treatment; Part 1 – Allergy in Cats and Reaching a Diagnosis; Part 2 – Management of the Environmentally Allergic Cat; Elizabethan Collars. New topics added monthly.

    Visit the Bova Scholars website to find out more

    Vet Education

    On Demand Webinar Library

    A huge library of webinars (1,000+ hours!) are available on demand to members and 50+ hours of RACE-approved webinars are added annually. Categories of webinars in the library include: Small Animal, Large Animal, Birds & Exotics, Practice Life and Vet Nurse/Tech.

    Visit the Vet Education website to find out more

    Crampton Consulting Group

    On-Demand Training Options Include:

    Proskills Courses e.g. Customer Service. Leadership & Management, etc.

    Intelligence Courses e.g. Customer Service Inteeligence, Leadership Intelligence, Veterinary Nursing Consultations Intelligence

    Visit the CCG website to find out more

    CiVT (College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies)

    On-Demand Training Options Include:

    A diverse webinar catalogue that are all available on demand.

    A range of online courses including Nationally Accredited Qualifications (Graduate Diplomas) and short courses in: Chinese Herbal Medicine; Western Herbal Medicine; Veterinary Acupuncture; Integrative Veterinary Medicine Short Courses, Introductory Courses; and Natural Animal Care.

    Visit the CiVT website to find out more


    Online Library

    VetPD offers a range of Webinar Series both live and then on demand. Topics include Equine – Beyond Basics: Modern Diagnostic & Therapeutic Techniques in Equine Dentistry (10.5 hrs); Foot Lameness & Podiatry (12.5 hrs); and Advanced Mare Reproduction (Featuring Placentitis & Foetal Sexing). All lectures in the series can also be purchased individually.Other topics include Avian & Exotic: Rabbit Medicine (Part 1) (8 hours); Reptiles in Practice – From Tortoise, to Lizards and Snakes (8 hours); Advanced Avian Medicine & Avian/Exotic Animal Orthopaedic Surgery (8 hours) and Rabbit Medicine – Including Dentistry (Part 2)(8 hours).

    Visit the VetPD website to find out more.


    Zoetis Academy – FREE Catch-Up Webinars

    The Zoetis Academy offers a number of catch-up webinars on the Zoetis Academy website. “When you’re focused on the day-to-day care of your patients, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest industry advancements or move your own career forward. Zoetis Academy makes it easy to continue your veterinary education and keep up to date with current veterinary treatments.”

    Webinar topics include: Dermatology, Diagnostics, Preventative Care, Treatment, and Vet Nurse topics.

    Visit the Zoetis Academy website and register online to access the webinars

    Kick Ass Vets

    On-Demand Webinars – Free & Paid

    You’ll find a number of helpful pre-recorded webinars on a range of topics including Medical Biases; Medical Mistakes; Decision Fatigue; Contract Review; and Profitable Staff Value Themselves.

    Visit the Kick Ass Vets website for more information.

    MARS PetCare College

    Free on demand & online courses for vets & vet nurses

    MARS Petcare College is a training program for people who work in the pet industry. Veterinarians earn 10 VetEd points and Veterinary Nurses earn 10 CPD points. Members of the PIAA earn 10 PIAA Ed points.

    Visit the MARS Petcare College for more information.

    Woof Resources

    A wide range on online courses for vet nurses

    Woof Resources are committed and passionate about providing Veterinary Nurses and students with affordable continuing education of the highest quality. They offer a range of on-line & on demand courses including: Understanding Veterinary Clinic FinancesSigns and Symptoms of Disease on Physical Examination; Understanding Anaesthetic Monitoring; Routine Patient Admission & Discharge; and lots more

    Visit the Woof Resources website to see the full list of online courses.


    On-Demand Free Veterinary Marketing Webinars

    A number of webinars featuring Dr James Ramsden are available for viewing. Topics include: The Online Customer Journey; Growing Loyal Customers Through Engagement; and How to Handle Nagative Reviews on Social Media

    Visit the PetPack website to find out more.


    IDEXX International Speaker Seminars

    IDEXX has a long track record of supporting the veterinary profession with world-class educational events. They regularly invite renowned specialists to tour the country, presenting pertinent updates in the field of veterinary diagnostics through live seminars and clinic visits. They also offer an archive of past events which you can watch anytime, anywhere. You can also access the IDEXX Learning Centre to access a wide range of recorded webinars.

    Visit the IDEXX website to find out more.

    Australian College of Veterinary Nursing (ACVN)

    Veterinary Nursing Short Courses

    ACVN short courses are designed to ensure you’re equipped with the latest knowledge and nursing recommendations to deliver best practice patient care. You can complete the course at your own pace, at any time of day or night! Short courses at ACVN are delivered to you at the same high standard you have come to expect from ACVN.

    Short course topics include: Advanced Critical Care Nursing, Anaesthesia & Surgical Analgesia, Avian Nursing, Clinical Pathology for the VN, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency Nursing, and more.

    Visit the ACVN website for more information.

    American College of Veterinary Behaviourists

    Veterinary Behaviour Symposium 2020 – FREE Presentations

    The American College of Veterinary Behaviorists Annual Symposium was unable to be held in 2020 for obvious reasons. However, thanks to their sponsors they were not only able to hold a virtual event but also give access to all the VBS presentations free of charge worldwide.

    Click here to access over 15 presentations & to download the Proceedings.


    Webinar Archive provides a wide range of on-demand webinars for both veterinarians and veterinary nurses in their Webinar Archive. Each webinar can be purchased individually or join as a member to access unlimited webinars.

    Visit the website to find out more.

    Australian Veterinary Association

    On-Demand Courses

    The AVA website has a number of online, self-paced learning opportunities including: the AVA Return to Work Program (5 clinical, 4 non-clinical modules & a practical skills guide); VBG Diploma of leadership and management (delivered by AIRC); and, Authorised implanter course for veterinarians – VIC.

    Visit the AVA website to find out more

    Vet Oncologist

    Chemotherapy Safety in Veterinary Practice – Online Course for Vets and Nurses

    Shasta Lynch, BVSc(hons) MANZCVS(SAM) DipECVIM-CA(Oncology) MRCVS, Australian, RCVS and European Veterinary Specialist in Oncology, and founder of Vet Oncologist has created an online course for vets and nurses that aims to improve health and safety standards for practices that administer chemotherapy for pets.

    Visit the Vet Oncologist website to find out more.

    Think Anaesthesia

    Think Anaesthesia® is an educational platform brought to you by Jurox, which provides veterinary professionals with both on-demand CPD and live training events, primarily focused on anaesthesia and analgesia. The goal of Think Anaesthesia is to help improve the standards of veterinary anaesthesia and analgesia, while providing a platform for easily accessible CPD.

    Visit their website and sign up for a free account to access On-Demand webinars, live events, articles and more.

    Visit the Think Anaesthesia website to find out more

    ASAP Laboratory

    ASAP Laboratory has always been committed to promoting veterinary excellence and contributing to continuing education. In 2020 the ASAP webinars were hosted by ASAP clients can register at and attend for free using the supplied voucher codes. Voucher codes expire 30 days after the webinar is presented.

    You can also access all monthly webinars from 2015 to 2020 by following the same process and registering with vet-webinar. 

    Visit the ASAP Laboratory website to find out more

    The Science Dog (Linda Case) – USA

    Dog Nutrition On-Demand Courses

    Linda is a world-renowned canine nutritionisist, dog trainer and author. Her academinc training is as a canine/feline nutritionist and trainer. She is the writer behind the popular blog “The Science Dog” and is the author of eight books. You can find a range of on-demand courses all about canine nurition including: Basics of Canine Nutrition (65 lessons); Puppies to Seniors: Feeding Dogs through the Life Cycle (56 lessons); Carbohydrates and Your Dog (8 lessons); and Understanding Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fats (8 lessons).

    Visit The Science Dog website to find out more


    FREE On-Demand Webinars

    ELEARNING.VET exists to bring you the highest quality veterinary CPD content from the most respected speakers from across the globe. There are regular live webinars (London time) and a library on on-demand webinars including: Dealing with Ocular Discomfort; Crisis in the Cornea!; Cytology in Practice (Part 1 & 2); Cast Based Caine Cell Tumours; and Recognition and treatment of shock – intravenous fluid therapy for cats and dogs.

    Visit the ELEARNING.VET website to find out more

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