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Edition #329 14.12.2018

Check out this week's edition of our Veterinary Communication Connection eNews: If you've ever felt like a total failure (&who hasn't?!)...

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So Many Other Things: The Reality of Veterinary Practice Part 3 - After-Hours

Holding a mirror to the veterinary industry... The challenges of after-hours work are known to many - trying to work out what's going on, determining correct drug doses, sometimes with little experience and often with no backup....

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guest blog - Dr Diederik Gelderman, Turbo Charge Your Practice

Ever feel like a total failure in your veterinary job?

Whether it's messing up as a dad or mum or dropping the ball on something at work or even just forgetting to return a client phone call when you promised when you feel like you're failing it can be tough to pick yourself up and keep going.

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