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The difference between your blog and your social media accounts can be likened to the difference between building your own house and renting. Your blog is the house that you've built – you can add rooms, repaint the walls and hang whatever art you want on the walls. Your social media accounts are like a rental – you can't make many changes and if the landlord thinks you're doing the wrong thing you can be kicked out!

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What's on in 2019? Veterinary CPD Calendar

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Edition #359 16.08.2019

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3 Things I bet you didn't know about... MedicalPlus

Medical Plus is a world leader and major supplier of high quality veterinary specific imaging equipment with a presence in the Middle East, South East Asia and Asia Pacific. Find out what they're experts at & how they can make your life easier...

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guest blog - Dr Alison Shen, BVSc (Hons) CVE (IVAS) Aussie Mobile Vet, Brisbane

Acupuncture as adjunctive modality to treat symptoms of intervertebral disc disease in a beagle

Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in dogs is one of the common neurological conditions seen in practice. It is caused by displacement of part of the intervertebral disc, often located in the thoracolumbar and cervical region, causing pain and neurologica

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