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Your clients will only complain about the price of something if they perceive the value of what they received to be less than the price they paid.

Want to know more? Check out our blog post: Reality is meaningless. Perception is everything to your veterinary clients.

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Edition #297 16.03.18

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"It is JUST a dog" A tribute to Maverick (The Wonder Dog) & explanation to Fred (golfing buddy)

"It is JUST a dog" a tribute to Maverick (The Wonder Dog) and explanation to Fred (the non-animal golf buddy) Last week I had the sad occasion to say "Good-bye" to one of my canine buddy friends (Maverick) he was 10 years old and still full of life when

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guest blog - Tiaan Dreyer CEO Knose Everyday Pet Care

Why you can't afford NOT to consider Pet Care Subscriptions (Plans) for your veterinary practice

Interested in finding out more about pet care subscriptions? In this quick 2 minute video, Tiaan Dreyer, CEO at Knose Everyday Pet Care explains why you should consider introducing pet care subscriptions (or plans) sooner rather than later....

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