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There are some stressors over which you have no control, however, you do have control over how you react and respond.

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What's on in 2018? Veterinary CPD Calendar version 6

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Veterinary Community Connection eNews

Edition #320 12.10.2018

Check out this week's edition of our Veterinary Communication Connection eNews: 10 things to say (& 10 not to say) to a friend suffering mental health problems

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Sow's Ear to Silk Purse Episode 4: Welcoming change for both your veterinary team & clients!

With overall growth at Highlands Veterinary Hospital, sitting at 45% (& 76% in September!) I had some questions to ask Dr Diederik Gelderman about how such massive change had been accepted by existing staff (& clients!) and what he felt were the key compo

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guest blog - Dr Belinda Parsons, Rouse Hill Family Vets

Thinking of owning your own veterinary practice? What's stopping you?

I've always admired Dr Belinda Parsons' use of social media & have often shared both her blog posts and vlogs so I was really pleased to find out that Belinda has recently opened her own mobile veterinary practice. But with all her other commitments - how

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