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Do you have the skills and knowledge to develop the necessary strategic plan for your veterinary business?

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What's on in 2018? Veterinary CPD Calendar - Updated for April

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Edition #301 13.04.2018

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What we can learn about change in your veterinary practice from the Comm Games Closing Ceremony

I should start by saying that in general, I like change. When change offers an opportunity to improve, update and move forward, I think it's good. Except when it's not. Change for change sake is rarely good and can be just plain frustrating ...

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guest blog - Dr Lori Kogan, Colorado State Unversity

Australian Survey: veterinarians’ views of pet owners’ use of internet for pet health info

Veterinarian living and practising in Australia? We need your help.. We are asking for Australian vets to help us learn more about the use of the internet by pet owners for pet health information by taking part in a 10 minute online survey

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