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Sharing your veterinary videos online - what's stopping you?

Posted in Social Media @ May 17th 2018 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
Sharing Your Veterinary Videos Online Whats Stopping You

Entertain, connect with and educate your veterinary clients with videos

I spend a LOT of time online and watch quite a few videos (yes - I AM watching all of those cat videos for work purposes). But maybe I'm not seeing enough? How many of you are making use of video to entertain, connect with and most importantly, educate your clients?

Sharing Videos Online 

You've got quite a few options when considering where to share your videos online:

1. Share them on your YouTube Channel

2. Share them on your Facebook Page

3. Dive into Facebook Live 

4. Add video to your Instagram Page

5. What about Snapchat?

Not sure what veterinary content would be worth sharing via video?

Everyone loves a cute story:

You're part of many stories every day. For example, anything to do with:

  • Puppies
  • Kittens
  • Interesting or unusual pets - snakes, birds, etc.
  • Watching a really hairy dog's transformation via a haircut

These videos can be live streamed on Facebook or recorded and added to your Facebook Page and other social media platforms.

You could also consider:

  • A tour of your clinic
  • What's this piece of equipment? And how does it work?
  • A series of 'Behind the scenes in our veterinary clinic' e.g. lab work; looking after recovering patients; the process pets go through to prepare for surgery
  • Interview members of your team. Questions could include: why did you choose to work in the veterinary industry? What's the favourite part of your job? What was the most interesting case/animal you've worked with?

Help out your clients with clear visual instructions on how to:

  • How to give a cat/dog a tablet
  • How to clean a cat/dog's teeth
  • How to train a cat to enjoy the cat carrier
  • How to clip cat/dog claws

Basic first aid:

  • How to handle choking
  • How to stop a bleed
  • How to apply a bandage
  • What to do if your pet gets burned
  • Puncture and fight wounds

And this week:

  • 'Be aware!' style videos e.g. ticks are about & here's what to look out for...
  • The gorgeous pets we helped this week - a video montage of photos you've taken of pets throughout the week 

Too short? Too long? Or just right?

If you're not sure how long (or short) your videos should be, you'll find this post very helpful as it discusses the different types of social video and the ideal length of the video for each platform: Ideal Video Length: How Long Should Your Social Video Be? (Socially Sorted)

Finally - do you have consent?

No matter what your video is all about, make sure you've covered all the bases by having signed consent forms: Cover your bases before posting pets' faces (dvm360) includes a Sample photo release form. 

So why not give it a go? The more quality resources available online increases the likelihood that pet owners will find the information they need from qualified sources (that's you!) rather than the alternative.

And if you've already been working with video resources, share the links in the Comments section below.


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