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Top 10 Ways to Make Sure Veterinary Clients Can Find You Online

Posted in Social Media @ May 8th 2012 - By Judy Gillespie

Updated 11/7/2013

You’ve got your Veterinary Business Facebook page, your Twitter account, LinkedIn page, Google+ page... now where is everyone??

Your clients, their family and friends are unlikely to find you if they don’t know you’re even on Facebook or any other social medium.  Spending your advertising dollars on Facebook and Google ads is a great way to get your business name out there but before you do that – why not start with the (mostly) free stuff first?

Here’s a list of places you can easily (& cheaply!) add the relevant icons so all of your existing clients at least know where their favourite practice is in the world of social media:

  1. Put a sign up in your window
  2. Put signs up inside the practice & maybe even in your consult rooms
  3. Next time you get business cards printed – add the icons
  4. Add icons to your letterheads, with comps slips, etc
  5. Add information to your invoices/receipts
  6. Add icons and address to your email signature
  7. Add icons & ‘share with’ option to your website  
  8. Add icons to your newsletter
  9. Add icons to all of your flyers, handouts & e-books
  10. Add icons to any forms that you ask clients to fill in

Basically add the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ icons on anything that your clients might set eyes on.  Of course once you get them to visit you in the world of social media then you actually have to do something to keep them there - but that’s a conversation for another day.

I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas to add to the list above – just add your comments below.

Updated 11/7/2013

Thanks to a great comment by Jane below I thought I'd share with you the design of the Vetanswers Business Card, Letterhead & With Comp Slip to show how you may be able to incorporate your social media icons.  As mentioned in my comment below, all social media icons colours have been modified to suit the Vetanswers brand.  Have a chat to your graphic designer to see what they can come up with - they're very clever people!


Jane Kohler @ Jul 11th 2013 9:25am
That is going to take up a lot of room on a business card.... all those icons in different colours and designs do not match up with my colour scheme and graphics at all!
Judy @ Jul 11th 2013 10:49am
Good point Jane! However that's where the skills of a good graphic designer come into play. I've added an image (front & back) of my business card, letterhead & with comps slip with all of my social media icons - except Google+ & Pinterest as they weren't around when I had them printed! The colours for each of the icons were modified to suit Vetanswers branding - what do you think?

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