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Dr Jen Davis (@Dr GasVet) is a European Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia. She is currently undertaking a PhD at Murdoch University, investigating the early diagnosis of acute kidney injury induced by anaesthesia-related hypotension. Jen also works part-time as registrar in veterinary anaesthesia at The Animal Hospital at Murdoch University, where she administers sedation, anaesthesia, and analgesia to all species of animal, as well as teaching undergraduate students and resident vets studying to become anaesthesia specialists. A summary of Jen’s research, and open access to her published work can be found on ResearchGate.

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Veterinary Anaesthesia – Vaporisers

Veterinary Anaesthesia – Vaporisers

Previous blog articles have covered the components of an anaesthetic machine. Now we move onto vaporisers; the devices that ensure effective and safe addition of inhalant anaesthetics to the fresh gas flow exiting the common gas outlet. Where is a ……

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