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She's No Lady - She's the Vet!

Posted in Our Community @ Feb 11th 2021 - By Helen M. Jones, Robin Giesecke, Paula H. Jones
Shes No Lady Shes The Vet Reduced

Stories From 100 Years of Female Vets In Australia

By Helen M. Jones, Robin Giesecke, Paula H. Jones

Publisher: Fair Jo Publishing, 2019


About She's No Lady - She's the Vet!

An excellent resource for everyone who works or has an interest in the veterinary industry, and a wonderful legacy.


"Over 110 years ago, there were no practising female veterinarians. Veterinary practice was a man's field. Now women have come to dominate the veterinary profession in Australia. Women have contributed to all facets of professional activity and pioneered roles in veterinary practice, government service, biosecurity, teaching, consultancies and business and have been elected to high office and received awards for their efforts within the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and the community. The considerable achievements of the women in this book are inspirational and any girl or woman contemplating becoming a veterinarian should find these stories of Australian female veterinarians from 1906 interesting and entertaining and they may even confirm their choice of career."

- Helen Jones, August 2019

Back-Cover Blurb

"Veterinary science started as an all-male profession but today it is dominated by women. There are many notable Australian female veterinarians who have made exceptional contributions to the profession, both in Australia and globally. Each has a unique story, from the first graduate in 1906, through to the present day.

The stories in this book show how some of these remarkable women overcame not only the often adverse conditions of their chosen profession but also the discrimination put in their way; surprisingly, not from male colleagues but from government agencies and farmers.

In 2006, the University of Melbourne awarded the Belle Bruce Reid medal to 100 prominent Australian female veterinarians and many of the stories in this book have come from the women on that list.  The vets featured were mostly born in Australia but some came from other parts of the world. She's No Lady - She's the Vet! recounts a history of their many and valuable contributions to veterinary science set against the unique backdrop of Australia's cities, rural outposts and wilderness."

"This book about female graduates in veterinary science over a 100-year period should prove of interest to people contemplating life as a veterinarian, or as the partner of a veterinarian.

The participation of women in the veterinary profession has increased spectacularly in Australia over the past 50 years and by the third decade of the 21st century will compromise nearly 80 per cent female graduates."

- Professor Emeritus Ivan Caple, AM

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