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Three simple steps for veterinary customer service

Posted in Client Service @ Jun 11th 2015 - By Judy Gillespie, Vetanswers
3 Simple Steps For Veterinary Customer Service

We’re often surrounded by great example of customer service – sometimes in our own industry & sometimes in other industries.

The trick is to take note when you do see an awesome customer service moment and then work out how it can be replicated in your own veterinary practice.

I recently came across a YouTube video by Diederik Gelderman (Turbo Charge Your Practice) – “Three simple steps for Veterinary Customer Service” where he does exactly that.  This quick seven minute video discusses a real-life situation he observed in a veterinary practice where a receptionist handled a situation with an upset client beautifully.

As I was watching it, it occured to me that this would make a great  mini client service training session that would be perfect for your next staff meeting....

Training Session Guidelines

Resources required:

  • Computer/laptop, access to the internet
  • Whiteboard, Butcher’s paper
  • Whiteboard pens


1. Click here to watch the video (6.50mins)

2. Determine Key Points in Process

  • On the whiteboard or butcher’s paper write up the heading: ‘What was the Process?’ and list the numbers 1 to 3 down the side
  • Ask your team members to tell you what the three steps were in the process & write up their responses:

o   Step 1: Establish empathy and use a light touch to help build rapport

o   Step 2: Use the magic words “We can fix this”

o   Step3: “Would you permit me…”

3. Decide on the take home message for your veterinary practice

Using a second sheet on butcher’s paper or other side of the whiteboard discuss the following questions and write the responses on the paper/board:

  • Ask: “How can we copy this amazing customer service process in our veterinary practice?”
  •  Ask: “How can we implement the process into our practice?”

4. Consider leaving the sheet with the 3 step process up on a wall for the next week as a reminder and schedule a follow-up session at your next staff meeting.

5. Follow up session:

  • Revisit 3 step process listed on butcher’s paper
  • Discuss actual situations where staff were able to apply the steps – what were the results?

Offering great client service is an area that needs to be constantly discussed and maintained. It's when you stop talking about how you can improve service to clients that standards will start to drop - and once that happens standards can be difficult to improve.  If you have any questions about the process discussed in the video, just add them in the Comments section below.


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