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You really do need to work to get ahead!

Posted in Management @ Jul 21st 2011 - By Judy Gillespie introducing an article by Suzanne Lucas for bNet
I Love Me

Now this is an article that I suspect will get a lot of you nodding your head furiously!  It certainly resonated with me.  I wasn't sure where to file this blog - it's written to be read with some self reflection but I suspect those that should read it will pass it by - it's hard to see our own faults!  So I decided to put it somewhere where managers could read it and then you can work out how to get those in your team that should read it to actually read it!

The basic premise is that no one is entitled to be treated differently in their career - you actually have to work hard.  I think we would all agree that the following three things are necessary to get ahead in your career:

  1. A good relationship with your superiors;
  2. A good relationship with your peers;
  3. Be a top performer.

Now these three things are not going to happen just by showing up and doing your job.  Doing the bare minimum does not mean you will be showered with praise, promotions and pay rises.  Ummm - no - you actually have to earn those! 

Your practice needs to reward those that bring value to your business - fulfilling their job description means your team members can expect to get paid - that's it.  If you have team members who are constantly expecting to be rewarded for doing their job perhaps this article could make for a good discussion at your next staff meeting.  Why not as a team, discuss exactly what behaviours will result in praise, promotions & pay rises and write them down.  This may open the eyes of those who feel 'entitled' to the reality that exists for the rest of the team!

Read the complete article 'Is Your Sense of Entitlement Ruining Your Career?' and tell me how you're going to get 'those' members of your team to read it too!


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