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Quick Veterinary Business Tip: Increase performance analysis chats for business success

Posted in Management @ Nov 25th 2021 - By Dr Sam Bowden, Director Vet Business Accelerator
Quick Veterinary Business Tip Increase Performance Analysis Chats For Business Success

Want loyal, high performing team members & a successful veterinary business? 

Are you worried that your team members aren’t as loyal as they could be?

Are you scared they might leave you? 

Or they don’t do their best to consistently perform at a high level?

If so, keep reading. 

You need to know something…

Hope is not lost! In fact, I’m going to share something with you today that’ll help.

First, I want you to think about kid's sport. At a young age, kids aren’t encouraged to keep score. Why?

Because if kids play a game and they’re losing, they tend to give up. Believe it or not, this is hardwired into their psychology.

But it’s different with older kids and adults, who have a NEED to know what’s going on.


It’s possible that your vets aren't as productive as they could be because they can't see any individual progression. And this can also be why they might want to abandon ship!

The Solution....

If you think your team are not as productive as they could be, then the solution may be to do your team member performance analysis more often.

I like to do them quarterly and focus on discovering what’s working well and what’s not for each team member. 

The bottom line is…You have to talk to your vets regularly so they get a sense of individual progression.

Your vets want to improve but  they also need the right conditions and tools to do so, which is why it's so important for you to find out what those things are.

What to Expect

So, what happens when you do performance analysis consistently?

Your vets will see that you’re interested in their progression. They’ll feel more engaged, happier, and loyal to you and your practice as a result. 

And that’s great news! Because remember: your practice’s success rests on the shoulders of your team.

About Sam

Sam Bowden has spent 15 years as a practicing vet. He has owned two practices in this time, each of them achieving phenomenal results in growth and profitability. He has devoted his last 12 years to helping practice owners increase their happiness, work life balance and profitability.

He is the founder of: United Vets Group  |  The Ultimate Veterinary Practice  |  Complete Vet Systems  |  More Vet Clients Websites  |  Accelerate Mastermind Group  |  Vet Business Manager Program  |  The Dental Academy

His skillset is combining long-lasting mindset changes together with proven practical strategies to allow practice owners and teams to reach their full potential. He is considered a leading educator on how to increase profitability, work life balance and happiness in the veterinary industry.


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