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Social Media Cheat Sheet

This will help you keep track of all the confusingly sized images required on your social media accounts!

If you'd like to know more about sharing your veterinary blog posts on your social media accounts, check out our 3 part blog series: Top tips for sharing your veterinary blog posts on social media

Click here to download the pdf document

Social Media Community Guidelines

Before launching into the world of social media, you need to set up appropriate Social Media Community Guidelines. These Guidelines set the rules for public engagement for all of your online accounts and importantly, clarify with followers what is and what is not acceptable on your practice’s social media profiles.

Click here to download a word doc

Social Media Policy - for Team Members

Every business should have a Social Media Policy, even if your veterinary practice is not using social media, as your employees are.

Social Media Policy will protect your business and your brand from legal risk and uphold your reputation on social media. The Policy should describe in detail how your practice and your employees should use social media and you should regualrly revisit and discuss the content at staff meetings to ensure all of your team are reminded of the contents.

Thanks to the Australian Employee Manual: Instant HR Policies & Procedures for making their Internet & Social Media Policy available to the Vetanswers Community.

Approval Form for Use of Pet & Client Images

Sharing photos of your patients and clients is a big part of your social media content but you need to make sure you have signed permission for the use of client and patient photos before they can be posted online. Set up a system to ensure all clients have been given the opportunity to sign a Client Photo Release Form by adding a checkbox in your practice management system or a note on the client’s record. 

Click here to download the word doc

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